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Trending Thursday: Use GoPro to Create Stellar Garden Brand Videos

Posted by Jourdan Cole on Thu, Jul 31, 2014 @ 9:00 AM

Four years ago, GoPro launched a YouTube channel promoting its personal, mountable cameras. To market the camera, the channel showcased professional stuntmen and extreme athletes using a GroPro. Now, an estimated 6,000 videos are shot every day with people mentioning GoPro.

As the trend has taken off, GoPro now produces many of its own videos and tripled its amount of views.

Gardening brands can tap into this trend by creating their own brand videos for YouTube using GoPros and by learning what worked from GoPro's marketing strategy.

Read more below for tips on how your garden brand can create videos that resonate with your target audience.

Plan Your Story

Think of what you want to communicate beforehand to make sure you hit all of your goals in the video while you're shooting.

To start, create a narrative and map out your key messages.

Then, brainstorm what shots you want in your video to visually represent these points. Plan on integrating different angles and shots such as zooming in and out on one plant and then panning a landscape in another.

Then, you can use your new digital content to attract new customers to your gardening business.

Find the Perfect Mount

Suntory, Flowers, Garden Space, Table, GrowPhoto Credit: Suntory Flowers

Where you place the GoPro will have a significant impact on you final result. To give your video a unique point of view, mount the camera on top of a shovel or on the edge of a pot.

These cameras are all about capturing the action, so think outside of the capabilities of a regular video camera. Take this opportunity to flaunt your gardening personality.

Next, test different angles before filming your shots to see the outcomes. Doing a test run before filming the actual shot will give you an idea of how to perfect the shot.

Use YouTube Like GoPro

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The extreme videos and interesting points of view are only half of the reason GoPro's YouTube channel has been so successful.

YouTube is a social network and more effort goes into creating a viral video than just creating a quality video. GoPro engages readers and will frequently respond to comments on its own videos.

Make sure your video will resonate with your target audience - and then show them you care!

Answer all questions and comments posted on your YouTube channel! And even take it to the next level by having your garden brand personally thank those who have socially shared the video. 

Video Marketing Materials are a Big Trend this Year. See Why and How Trends Affect Your Garden Business Below.

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