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Trending Thursday: How & Why to Market Garden Brands' Patriotism

Posted by Jourdan Cole on Thu, Jul 17, 2014 @ 9:00 AM

Although the 4th of July is over, Labor Day is right around the corner - creating the perfect time to highlight your brand's American connections.

A report on brand loyalty from research firm Brand Keys Inc. found the top three U.S. brands considered to be the most patriotic are Jeep, Levi Strauss and Coca-Cola.

What do these three brands have in common? Consumers purchase their products because they have deep emotional ties to the perceived "Americaness".

Learn how to extend your garden brand's reach by communicating your business's American Values to consumers this Labor Day.

Why and How to Market your Garden Brand's Patriotism all Year

Associating products and brands with certain values is not a new tactic, however, as consumers become more socially conscious, they seek brands with powerful purposes that they can trust.

Leveraging patriotism to your garden brand’s benefit is about building a deeply emotional and engaged connection with consumers.

And, it's been a public relations and marketing tactic that has worked and resonated for decades.

Below are 3 ways your garden brand can leverage your patriotism this Labor Day - and all year long. 

1. Be Authentic

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Being believable is key to getting consumers to associate your garden brand with American values.

What your brand means and stands for translates into added allure to your consumers. Brands consumers share an emotional connection with will have a greater advantage over competitors when it comes to the battle for hearts, minds and loyalty.

Of course customers will pay attention to holiday sales and Lady Liberty costumes, but communicating your brand’s American ties is what’s going to make them loyal and interested in your company beyond the one-time sale.

2. Believe in Customers’ American Dreams

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There are plenty of American companies out there with products that are “Made in the USA,” to stand out, so your garden company needs to differentiate itself.

Discover how your product connects to American history and search for customer’s stories of how they use your products to cultivate their American dream.

Pose questions on social media and in email newsletters to see how consumers use your product to pursue their dreams. For example, think about how a new homeowner may want to start a vegetable garden to beautify their new home and connect with their roots.

3. Show Your Colors

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Brands aren’t defined by solely by their products or services, but also by their values and culture.

According to The Boston Consulting Group, 80 percent of Americans are more likely to purchase made in the USA products, and two-thirds are willing to pay a premium for these. 

The "Made in the USA" trend encourages businesses and consumers to think the American way.

Plus, profitability and doing the right thing go hand in hand. American businesses that are transparent, ethical and accountable give consumers confidence in their purchases.

Then, take it a step further. Showcase your brand's humanity by giving consumers a sneak peak at how and where your products are manufactured and also into the lives of your employees.

Learn Why Market & Consumer Trends Matter to Your Garden Business Below! 

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