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Trending Thursday: Social Media Generates Publicity for Garden Brands

Posted by Jourdan Cole on Thu, Jun 26, 2014 @ 10:00 AM

“What’s trending now" has always been a hot news topic.

Now, however, news segments are getting trends directly from social media sites.

Even the Today Show and Good Morning America, the two biggest morning news shows, both feature special segments on what’s trending, frequently driven by social content.

As audiences show they're continually interested in trend stories, it’s time for your garden businesses to help get the word out, too.

Discover how your gardening business can use social media trends to craft timely pitches and branded content below.  

Why Use Social Media Trends

to Create Branded Content

Your garden business should be reading, following and examining trends on social media everyday.


These are topics that consumers and media contacts alike are already interested in. Capitalize on trending stories by seeing how your garden business could contribute or fit into the trend.

Then, pitch your brand's trend story out to the media. Or, write up and publish your own story on your garden blog, website or social profiles. 

Even simply adding to the trending conversation with links and recommendations can help your brand gain popularity and be a part of the conversation.

The process of adding a new idea or angle to breaking or trending stories is known as newsjacking or real time marketing.

Use this public relations technique in real-time to generate excitement about your garden business.

What Social Platforms to Look at

for Trending Stories

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Twitter’s "Trends List" helps highlight breaking news from across the world in real time. But, how's it work?!

Twitter generates trends by using an algorithm that identifies topics with a recent surge in interest. Specifically, the algorithm finds emerging topics, not just what’s most popular at this moment.

Twitter's 500 million daily tweets makes it a great place to look for trends. Check out Buzzfeed, Facebook, Google+ and Reddit to create a more detailed and informed opinion, too.

Following social media trends on a variety of platforms gives you instant information.

Piggyback off of those trends to get your garden brand's ideas noticed today. 

How to Know What Trends

Deserve Branded Content 

Recognizing trends allows you to create timely, interesting branded content.

You have the power to see what others are talking about and join in on conversations with a targeted social or content-driven post.

While some trending topics can be unpredictable, being aware of upcoming events - such as the World Cup, elections and holidays - helps create timely pitches and branded content. 

Make sure to avoid common social media pitfalls too.

A well-thought, snappy post can make all the difference in bringing attention - and new eyes to your business.  

Find Out More about Using Trends in Your Garden Business by Clicking Below!

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