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4 Tips to Build Garden Brand Trust-ability to Boost Brand Reputation

Posted by Jourdan Cole on Wed, Jun 18, 2014 @ 9:00 AM

Trust is an essential element of any successful, long-term gardening business.

Before building brand ambassadors, you first need to earn trust. Once earned, trust can easily be lost if business leaders fail to communicate honestly and transparently with their consumers and shareholders.

Everything you do or don’t do affects the perception of your brand, and in the long run your trustworthiness is your most valuable asset.

Below learn four tips to boost your brand reputation and build fast, long-term trust in your company 

1. Profile Unique Company Features

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Together, your team does something that others don’t.

Your garden company has unique brand values. When presenting core company values, be honest and accurate.

In order to gain loyal consumers, having trust and confidence in your garden business is key.

One company, NativeCast, differentiates itself by recycling 90 percent of all trash produced at its facility. They also go the extra mile when it comes to their products' construction -  all of their molds are cast by hand.

Take it a step further and generate internal trust, too, by communicating frequently and listening often. Happy staff members deliver better results and work harder for the good of your company.

How does your business stand out? Explain and highlight why your design, product, production, or company culture is different and why people should care.

2. Consistency Counts

Frequent communication, both internally and externally, creates a trust-worthy work place, or garden brand.

Over time, a trusted brand is far more likely to have the benefit of the doubt in sticky situations where it needs to be heard and believed.

Remember to be open about what hasn’t worked for your company as much as about what has. Make sure to listen to staff and consumers in order to build loyalty and increase credibility, too.

3. Stand Behind Your Products

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Never promise what you can’t deliver.

Your company should have a guarantee policy which shows how strongly you believe in your products. Plus, a company-wide guarantee shows people that you aren’t just concerned with the bottom line: you want to provide the customer something of value.

Even if someone asks for a refund, always deliver since you’re still building a relationship with them. Then, in the future, they may choose your company to purchase another product. Plus, word of mouth goes a long way. 

4. Spread the Good News

When you, a team member, or even a customer has an idea to improve a product or create a brand new one, carefully listen.

Then, share the idea with others and do your best to make it happen – or provide feedback on why the idea won’t work quite yet. Let everyone know you’re working toward the same outcome.

Communicate through digital channels with your customers to let them know a new product is coming or to give them a behind-the-scenes glimpse into your business practices. Fans should always get a sneak-peek of new products and sales.

You can even take it a step further and have your social media fans weigh in on brand packaging, the name, or logo. Any way to get fans involved and make them feel heard is a major bump in their trust in your brand.

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