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Use New App, Pippit, to Maximize Gardening Business Content

Posted by Jourdan Cole on Wed, Jun 11, 2014 @ 10:00 AM

A brand new app launched last week that will provide your garden business with a way to streamline content for followers.

Pippit, brainchild of bloggers from Oh! Joy and Love Taza, allows users to add “pips,” or dots, to blog posts, photos and videos that lead to even more curated content.

Integrating blogs with social media has never been easier.

Learn what Pippit is and how this new social app can be powerful for your garden business blog.

What is a Pip?

“Pips” are dots overlaid on content that contain links, information or descriptions. They make it easier than ever to shop, find more information and add comments.

Users just double tap the “like,” “want” or “useful” button under each pip to let others know what they think. 

The app works a lot like an RSS Reader because it allows users to see blog posts, photos and videos all in one place. But, unlike other mobile apps, Pippit allows you to seamlessly link content to direct users to information outside the app. And, it allows you to edit post descriptions and marketing campaign hashtags even after they post.

Why Your Business Needs to Use Pippit

Photo Credit: WhipperBerry

Bloggers are flocking to this new app because it's so easy to use. This is an opportunity for the gardening industry to get ahead of the curve. 

  1. Leverage captivating images to visually tell your story. Pippit is similar to Instagram in that you can add six different filters to your images and add written texts to posts, making it perfect for image-heavy garden industry content.

  2. Maximize content marketing. Integrating pips improves your blog reading experience by making it easier to find new content that aligns with your readers’ interests.

  3. Drive mobile traffic to your site, blog or store with Pippit. Use Pippit analytics to track engagement and click-through’s. 

Pippit does not provide title text with its image, which at first glance can make it difficult to differentiate interactive images from blog posts. But the secret is blog posts have a green line under the image. Click on the image to see blog posts, comments and more.

To connect your gardening blog with Pippit, go to the settings page and tap "my blog." Type in your blog name and RSS URL to automatically post blog entries to Pippit. Not all RSS Feed formats are accepted by Pippit.

Remember that this app is brand new but off to a great start, so we expect it to grow both in popularity and usability!

How to Get Pippit

Get Pippit through the app store for $1.99. Included in the price is the first year subscription, which users can choose to renew later.

Connect your blog via RSS feed to the app, which prompts an automatic update to your Pippit followers when new content is published.

Although the price is hefty for a new app, users can rest assured that there will not be ads. As of now, the Pippit app is only available for the iPhone.

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