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The 5 C's of Effectively Marketing Gardening to Moms

Posted by Emma Fitzpatrick on Wed, May 14, 2014 @ 9:00 AM

One hashtag caught my eye this past weekend  Mother's Day Should Be Every Day.

Mothers give back so much to their communities, homes, gardens, and families every day. Gardening businesses should also take a timeout to reevaluate how they're giving back to moms.

After all, women make 85% of purchasing decisions in a  household, and there's a good chance some of those women are mothers. Mothers are an influential demographic for gardening businesses.

Below are the 5 C's to effectively market gardening to moms this season.

1. Create Authentically.

 Garden Media Group, Suzi McCoy, Katie DuBow

Garden Media's Own Mother-Daughter Duo!

Moms like to keep it real. They value honesty and realism in marketing communications.

Don't portray mom stereotypes in your garden business' communications. Moms wear many hats throughout the course of a day  from chef to businesswomen.

In your marketing communications, portray multi-dimensional moms. Or even better, use real moms whenever possible.

2. Compose a Look Book.

Costa Farms on Pinterest

Photo Credit: Costa Farms

Moms are BUSY. They've got 10 things (maybe 20) going on at once.

Instead of writing about how they can use a gardening product or new plant, show them visually.

Create a look book on Pinterest or Facebook to show products in action. Combine lifestyle shots with close-up product silhouettes for the best of both worlds.

Feeling ambitious? Host a contest or create a brand-specific hashtag to let moms share photos of how they used your gardening product.

3. Concoct a Snappy Gardening Project.

4842765180_57668113a6Photo Credit: Micah Taylor via Compfight cc

We've said it once, and we'll say it again! Moms are constantly limited on time. The more they can multi-task, the more appealing a project is.

Especially in the garden, moms look for projects that can be tackled in a few short hours (or minutes!) with their kids right by their side.

Market specific gardening projects that can be done with kids on your gardening business' website to give moms inspiration.

Moms really appreciate short, snappy communications that are insightful and can be easily implemented.

4. Close the Circle.

brazelberries, thornless berriesPhoto Credit: BrazelBerries®

You want everyone to see your gardening company as the expert on gardening.

But, moms are looking for more  be the green decor and food expert, too.

Close the communication circle when marketing gardening to moms.

Show them not only how to grow herbs in the garden, but also teach them how to create a stylish indoor herb planter and how to make a yummy mojito or a dinner even a picky kid will eat.

Be the source not only for gardening information, but also, for other ways your gardening products can be used.

5. Curate Mommy Reviews.

Moms have a big online community. They read parenting blogs to see how products work for other parents across the country.

While your garden business' marketing communications may hook them, before they buy, they're going to want to see what other moms thought.

To get moms on your side, conduct a sample program with the top parenting bloggers. Have them test your product and authentically review them.

Online reviews drive (or deter) sales. By connecting your gardening brand with trusted parenting bloggers, you'll gain authority with moms.

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