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The Mindfulness Movement of 2014 and The Gardening Industry

Posted by Emma Fitzpatrick on Mon, Jan 6, 2014 @ 9:00 AM

garden trends 2014The gardening industry is starting out 2014 on a strong note; this year has been dubbed the year of mindfulness. In fact, mindfulness is named one of the top ten trends that will shape the world this year.

People are growing weary of being constantly connected to their digital screens.

They want a way to detox, to unwind and rediscover peace, and this movement is spreading quickly.

Happiness is being redefined, and gardening fits into the mindfulness movement perfectly.

Read on to learn why and how mindfulness is shaping 2014, and how your garden business can take hold of this movement.

In the gardening world, we've been talking about mindfulness for years.

Back in 2012, Garden Media's Suzi McCoy said, "People today want to find bliss in everyday life. Being in nature – either in a garden or park or filling your home with indoor plants - adds immeasurable happiness and wellness to our lives. Connecting with nature is a necessity, not a luxury.”

Now, the importance of mindfulness for a happy life has been blossoming beyond the gardening realm.

Web Traffic on Mindfulness has Grown

Google traffic is one of the best ways to visualize how a trend and global movement is growing.

From 2004 to the end of 2013, Google searches for mindfulness have more than tripled.

Those are numbers we like!

Businesses are Transitioning

From walking meetings to massages and meditation rooms, businesses realize the importance of stepping away from the computer screen and connecting with nature, and your mind.

Mindful businesses are also adding more and more plants to the office since plants make us smarter, more productive and less stressed. Want to learn more? Costa Farms’® ‘O2 For You®: Houseplants with a Purpose’ campaign communicates the full benefits of indoor plants.

Once the businesses are on board, the changes also appear in homes, too.

Oprah's on Board

Yes, Oprah says that meditation helps her create her best work and best life. Once Oprah's on board, it's almost guaranteed that the trend will be gaining more clout and new followers!

She's not the only highly influential individual endorsing mindfulness either; the list keeps growing from Arianna Huffington to Kobe Bryant.

Marketing to Mindfulness in 2014

When marketing your garden business in 2014, change your language to showcase mindfulness.

Talk about designing a meditative space in the garden, the act of being fully present and connected to nature when gardening, or even about how meditative weeding is.

Gardening and mindfulness complement each other perfectly.

How do you plan on incorporating mindfulness into how you talk about your garden business in 2014?

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