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Trending Thursday: Does Your Garden Business Cater to the Masses?

Posted by Meg McGrory on Thu, Dec 19, 2013 @ 9:00 AM

As our economy evolves, cheaper prices and convenience are dominating the market.  Fewer mom and pop stores are able to survive, leaving room for the big-box stores and home improvement centers to move in. 

Just about everything we need in our daily lives is available for purchase at the local big-box chain--or on their online counterpart.  The convenience of getting everything at one destination rather than a few specialty shops mixed with the promise of low prices has customers drooling.

The gardening world isn’t exempt from this shift.  More and more people are turning to mass retailers for their gardening needs, according to the 2014 Garden Trends Report.

Continue reading to learn where gardeners are getting their supplies and how your garden business can join the trend in 2014.

Where are Gardeners Shopping?

Last year, purchases were split evenly between mass merchants and garden centers.

This year, an 11% increase in purchases made at mass merchants was matched by an 11% decrease at garden centers.  Mass merchants have taken hold of the lead of the gardening market and won’t be letting go anytime soon.

Why the Shift in the Garden Market?

large 5721090381Photo: Dietmut via compfight cc

New gardeners have cited quality of product as their number one concern when shopping.  This is followed by the quality and friendliness of the staff as well as the price of products.

Local hardware stores and garden centers are bringing up the rear for the lowest amount of purchases made.

Since big-box retailers are notorious for lower prices, this is a no brainer for gardeners looking for a great deal.

How Can your Garden Business Take Hold of the Trend?

Terrarium Workshop credit Joshua BrightPhoto: In the Garden

If your garden product doesn’t have nationwide recognition you might find it difficult to get it stocked on big-box shelves.  Don’t let this deter you! 

Many home improvement centers, even the big-box ones, have free workshops teaching home improvement skills.  Ranging from DIY to kid’s workshops, these are a great way to get your garden product attention at the big-box retailers.

Having your product in a workshop, or simply talking about it, at one of these home improvement centers allows consumers to learn and become familiar with it.  When the time comes to make a purchase, they’ll choose a product they already know how to use, yours!

If you're an independent garden center, or IGC, don't fret! You too can make a comeback in 2014. Look at the areas where shoppers think big box stores are servicing their needs better, and gather your IGC team for a brainstorm session of epic proportions. Focus on how you can turn your current weaknesses into your strengths in 2014; once you implement these changes, watch the customers come rolling back in, slowly but surely.

Download our 2014 Trends Report Below to Learn All the Trends that will be Dominating the Lawn and Garden Industry!

2014 Garden Trends Report CTA

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