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Trending Thursday: A Shift in How We Learn about Gardening

Posted by Emma Fitzpatrick on Thu, Dec 12, 2013 @ 9:00 AM

garden trends 2014, stacey pierson garden media, garden media groupAs we all know, the way we get our information has changed drastically over the last decade.

The world of print newspapers and magazines has struggled while the ever-changing digital world has dominated.

In short, the newspaper is out, and the Twitter feed is in. According to Garden Media's 2014 Trends Report, the internet is becoming our new friend and trusted neighbor for gardening advice.

Read on to discover more about how and where gardeners are getting their gardening advice in 2014-- and how your garden business can take hold of this trend.

A Shift in Sources for Gardening Information

The answer to every gardening question that has ever crossed your mind is just a Google search away. Finding gardening advice, tips, and how-to projects is easier and faster than ever.

If you were to gather this information by consulting with gardening friends, neighbors, and retail locations, it'd take much longer.

In 2012, the 3 sources for gardening advice that grew were all digital: YouTube, Twitter, and gardening websites.

Meanwhile, advice from friends and neighbors, garden centers, magazines and newspapers, and gardening books all decreased.

In 2014, your garden business needs to focus on the digital sources that are still growing. You want to remain the trusted source for gardening information, in 2014 and for decades to come. Keeping up with gardening and lifestyle trends is the way to make this happen!


Especially in the beautiful and visually-driven world of gardening, videos are a must in 2014.

Building a rasied garden bed may seem hard, until you learn how to do it step by step through a YouTube video.

Not only are the concepts easier to grasp through YouTube videos, but consumers love visuals!

The videos don't need to be expensive productions. Instead, your garden business videos need to have high-quality content presented in an interesting, creative way to gain traction.

Micro-videos, like Vine and Instagram, are also going to keep growing in 2014. Get the full scoop on micro-videos here!


twitter costa farms, garden twitter,

Twitter is gaining popularity because it's so concise and easy to understand. Your green business can teach your audience how to plant a rose in 140 characters.

Twitter allows you to take your garden blog content and whittle it down to exactly what your audience needs to know, every character counts!

These bite-sized chunks of information make learning and gardening take-aways easy to understand.

In 2014, your garden business should be taking the information already on your blog and website, and tweeting out the necessities to engage with your audience!

Gardening Websites

longfield gardens, online bulbs, garden blog

Blogging and content marketing are going to continue to grow in 2014. We like to think of your garden blog as your foundation for social media.

Through social media, you want to entice your readers to visit your blog for more information. Your blog is the platform to answer the questions your audience is Googling.

Write key-word driven blogs at least once a week to beef up your online presence in 2014.

Learn All About the 2014 Garden Trends with the Full Report Below! 

2014 Garden Trends Report CTA

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