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Big vs. Small Garden Public Relations Firms: Which is Better

Posted by Emma Fitzpatrick on Wed, Mar 12, 2014 @ 9:00 AM

With PR firms, bigger isn't always better.

In fact, a big PR firm may be more of a negative than a positive, but we'll talk about that in a bit!

When hiring a public relations firm, whether you're a big or small garden business, PR is a big investment and there are many factors to consider.

To discover the nitty-gritty details on hiring a public relations firm, read the step by step process here.

Then, learn 4 reasons why a small PR firm can rock your socks off--and may even be better than that big ol' firm and an even bigger investment.

1. They'll Make You Happy--No Matter What.

All PR agencies promise to deliver, but smaller ones work harder to exceed expectations.

Small PR firms, with smaller client list, focus on keeping clients happy. Instead of constantly preparing Requests For Proposals, they strive to do whatever it takes in their power to keep their current clients happy - really happy.

For small PR firms especially, keeping clients happy and sustaining that relationship is of utmost importance - and the PR pros at small, boutique agencies will jump through hoops to reach your goals and get your name in lights.

2. The Right PR Agency for your Garden Business.

how to find the right pr agency, gardening public relations

Like the right plant for the right spot, finding an agency that fits your business is important. Since there are hundreds of small PR firms, specific to industries and areas, you can really hunt around to find just the people, price and personalities to fit your needs and culture.

There are only so many giants in the public relations industry, but as far as small public relations firms and freelancers go, you can find hundreds with just a quick Google search. Then, the fun part is vetting them!

3. More Bang for your Buck with a Small PR Agency

381941233_99ba9795b3Photo Credit: Johnny Vulkan via Compfight cc

In the battle of big versus small public relations firms, which one is better? Small PR firms win the pricing game hands down and bottom line up!


It's pretty simple. Results happen by the amount of hours the PR firm puts into working and pitching your garden business.

The hourly rate is going to be much, much more reasonable at a smaller PR firm. What's that mean for you?

More hours, more results! We thought you'd like that!

4. No "Pitch and Switch" at Small Agencies

Often, when working with a big public relations firm, you're going to see the head honchos during the proposal process. They'll be there to woo you with their gallons and gallons of suave and shmooze.

But, once the proposal and budget has been signed, POOF! They're gone, not to be seen again until your contract is up for review.

This tactic is known in the public relations world as the "pitch and switch". In essence, you get pitched by the top tier of management, and then, you're switched to an account manager with far less experience.

At a small public relations firm, you're going to be working with the same team of people from start to finish.

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