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Pinterest Debuts Ads & What It Means for Your Garden Business

Posted by Emma Fitzpatrick on Mon, Oct 14, 2013 @ 9:00 AM

pinterest debuts advertising, pinterest ads how to, what pinterest ads mean for your business, pinterest and public realtionsLast month, Pinterest followed in the footsteps of other social media giants by announcing that advertisements would soon sneak their way into your Pinterest streams.

Pinterest, though, touted something different: "tasteful" ads.

And as promised, the advertisments/promoted pins have arrived--kind of.

Last week, the sponsored advertisements went live for a handful of Pinterest users.

Read on to discover what Pinterest ads will look like, how they'll keep growing, and how your garden business can capitalize on these pseudo ads.

Really, Ads on Pinterest too?

No one likes advertisements, but something had to give for Pinterest to continue to function.

In an Business Week interview two months ago, Ben Silbermann, the CEO of Pinterest, shared that the social site, with over 70 million users, makes no money. Not a dime since its inception in 2010.

So, of course, Pinterest cannot continue as is. Something had to give.

There is a Pinterest plan and expansion in the works though.

Silbermann shared, "the big-picture assumption of the company is that there is a direct link between the things you pin and the things that you eventually spend money on. In there, we think, lies a model where we can actually make Pinterest more useful. And we can help businesses by bringing in more customers and helping them sell things and connect with people."

The Basics of Pinterests Ad

Promoted pins, or Pinterest ads, are the first step in helping Pinterest turn a profit.

Pinterest's promoted pins will work and look really similiar to Twitter's and Facebook's promoted posts. So, businesses can soon pay to have their pins appear at the top of search results and category feeds. All of the ads will be in context, as to have them blend into the content.

pinterest promoted pins


Adding Promoted Pins to Your Page

At the moment, Pinterest is only just dabbling in the world of promoted pins with "select businesses."

But, the program and featured is expected to keep growing.

If your garden business wants to lead the Pinterest pack, sign up here to stay in the loop and learn more about adding them to your Pinterest strategy!

Until then, make sure your Pinterest posts are the best they can be with these tips.

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