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Bring Your Press Release into the 21st Century with these 4 Tips

Posted by Emma Fitzpatrick on Sun, Oct 6, 2013 @ 9:00 AM

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Press releases aren't dead. We're saying it!

But, just because they're still alive, doesn't mean they're fine as is. The strategy, format, and goals of press releases are still relevant. Yet, the tactics with which we write and market our press releases need some work.

Below are 4 tips and tricks to bring your press release into the 21st century.

Engagement is Everything.

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When you're writing, table what you need to communicate about your garden brand or product. Come back to it.

First, you need to think about what your audience wants to hear and learn about. Then, take it a step further.

Relevant content alone doesn't cut it anymore.

Your garden business's content needs to be interesting to read and useful. Remember, you want your readers to amplify your message by sharing it like crazy with their friends and followers on social media.

So, the trick is framing your brand's content and messaging in a way that will serve and delight your audience the most. Of course, then you need to optimize your press release for social sharing too!

Your Links Stink

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But, they don't have to.

Rethink how you use links in your story. Linking just to the front page of your website isn't tailored enough for your audience to really have an impact. It's all about content in context.

Use a call to action right after the lead paragraph. This works. There's been a proven 200% increase in website traffic to a specific page when a call to action is embedded right after the lead paragraph.

Also, relink to more content your audience wants to know about on your blog or website.

Hefty Headlines are OUT.

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Your headline has got to be under 100 characters for optimial sharing on Twitter. Simple as that.

Plus, if your story is just blocks and blocks of text, break up your copy to keep your audience engaged.

Our average attention span is 8 seconds, so use bullet points, numbered lists, and easy to implement tip-lists to hook your readers with the information they really want.

Succulent Stories

PR is not about getting the latest details out about your garden product (directly). Public relations, and by association press releases, are all about telling a story that will make readers fall in love with your company.

Don't write your press release like, well a press release.

Write it like a short story. Tell a customer's story. Make it about people, not about product. Make people feel, don't tell them. 

Because a good story will trump a brand promo every single time.

And the biggest brands already know this--and do it outrageously well. The Chipotle short film and Swiffer's latest commercial is structured more like an NPR StoryCorps. These brand videos work (and have gone viral!) because they don't sell product, they tell a story.

The stories we tell in press releases will make readers fall in love with your garden brand... and isn't that what we all want?

For people to love what we do, and tell our story for us.

Branding is Key to Telling your Garden Brand's Story. Here's How Garden Media Did it with the Knock Out Rose!

New Call-to-Action

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