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4 Worst Times to Hire a PR Firm

Posted by Emma Fitzpatrick on Wed, Aug 21, 2013 @ 9:00 AM

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There's a best and worst time for everything. Coffee after 11 pm is not the best idea, nor is hiring a PR firm December 1st to boost Christmas sales.

When hiring a public relations firm, be sure you have the timing right too.

Below are the four worst times to hire a PR firm in the home and garden industry.

When It's The Cheapest

hiring a pr firm, 4 worst times to hire a pr firm, tips for hiring a pr firm in the home and garden industry

Price is, of course, a factor in most of our major life and business decisions. The PR firms you're looking at have to be in your budget in order for the relationship to be fruitful, but it has to be more than that too.

Price cannot be the deciding factor when hiring a public relations firm. If your garden business is looking at nothing more than the price tag, then you're setting yourself up for disappointment.

Investing in a quality PR firm that is truly the right fit for your business in more ways than one will prove to have a bigger impact on the bottom-line.

When It's A Quick Way to Boost Profits

hiring a pr firm, tips for hiring a pr firm, best pr firm in the home and garden industry

Public relations takes time, and if you're looking for a quick way to boost your sales this holiday season, public relations isn't going to be the right fit.

Most public relations firms have a minimum one year contact for a reason: it takes time to gain momentum, media coverage, and ultimately, build brand reputation.

Public relations is not a quick fix; it's an investment in how consumers view and feel about your business.

Influencing hearts and minds of consumers takes more than a month, but is oh so worth it in the end. Having a flock of loyal consumers who will sing your company's praises for years to come is an asset that keeps giving.

When There's a Disconnect

hiring a public relations firm, tips for hiring a public relations firm, best public relations firm in the home and garden industry

You and your public relations firm need to be on the same page from the get go. This is a partnership in every sense of the word, and as such, both parties need to be able to communicate openly and honestly.

If you don't feel like you understand public relations enough to value it, read up what on PR really is. Likewise, your public relations firm should know where your business is and where you want to go.

Making sure you hit these checkpoints is a good way to measure potential success and fit of your public relations firm.

When It's a Knee Jerk Reaction

hiring a pr firm, tips for hiring a pr firm, best home and garden public relations firm

If you hear a competitor just got a public relations firm, it doesn't necessarily mean it's the best time for your garden company.

When hearing that a competitor has hired a firm and is having success, you want that too! It's instinctive to want to stay ahead of your competition and lead the pack.

Your knee-jerk reaction may be a good starting point, but it's just the beginning. Now is the time to look and see what your business would want to gain from public relations--besides staying ahead of the other guys.

Hiring the right public relations firm involves asking lots of questions and getting the timing right.

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