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Unbranding: Going Beyond the Logo in the Garden Industry

Posted by Emma Fitzpatrick on Mon, Aug 12, 2013 @ 9:00 AM

unbranding, brand awareness, national brand recognition, ask for by name, pr strategy, garden industry communications, garden media groupBuilding brand recognition to many small companies means slapping their logo and tagline on absolutely every item that leaves their office.

While logos are certainly one of the most important aspects of creating brand recognition, what happens when people already recognize your brand?

Unbranding is the newest public relations and marketing trend in 2013. It's essentially going beyond the logo and relying exclusively on an image of your product for marketing.

For unbranding to be successful, your garden business first needs to have a winning logo.

Below are our tips for creating a stellar logo to last for the long haul--and tips to go beyond it once your brand has national awareness.

Let's Go Logo

Logos have to do one thing: evoke feeling. The instinctive response your garden business logo incites is one of the most telling factors to who your brand is.

Make sure your logo and your brand words align. Again, branding is a compilation of small steps.

For example, color and font are two of the most important aspects of your logo--even though they seem small. Choosing the correct color and type face for your logo will prompt emotional responses.

Be sure your logo is who you want to be.

Garden Media Tip for Logo Success: 95% of the world's top leading brand logos (like Nike, Starbucks, Apple, etc) only use one or two colors. Further, 41% use text only. Logo's should be beautiful in their simplicity. If it feels too complicated, it probably is.

Thanks to 123Print for the enlightening infographic on the link between color, emotion, and fonts.

Color Codes for Logos

Logo Fonts

Leveraging the Logo

Once you've crafted the perfect logo, this is the time to write a press release to announce your big reveal.

After the unveiling, you should be putting your logo on almost everything.

Build brand awareness by showcasing the image of your brand, your logo.

Logo Let Go

Once your logo is recognized by shoppers and continually asked for by name in garden centers and big box stores alike, you're doing something right.

Now, it's time to take your logo to the next level. There comes a point where your garden product can stand on its own.

That's where unbranding comes in.

Unbranding is removing the logo and often text from advertisements and press releases.

After a certain point, people just know who your business is, so you don't have to bombard them with your logo anymore.

unbranding, beyond the logo, brand recognition, build brand awareness

Your product is so recognizable it needs no introduction.

Plus, in a world crammed of visual noise, a campaign with no logo stands out for its stark difference.

For example, McDonalds' newest advertisment campaign in France features no words, no logo, just the BigMac or their french fries.

Unbranding is the ultimate sign that your garden business has arrived-and is around to stay forever.

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Thanks to Trend Hunter for the comical and all too true image of Starbucks logo.

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