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How to Make #Facebook Hashtags Effective on Your Business Page

Posted by Emma Fitzpatrick on Mon, Aug 5, 2013 @ 9:00 AM
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Facebook Hashtags are already declared dead.

The release of hashtags on Facebook was not initially well-received as millions across the country made their status update, "This isn't #Twitter Facebook."

A new study proves that users aren't searching for companies by their hashtag, nor do posts with hashtags drive engagement. 

But, we're declaring #Facebook hashtags aren't dead. Instead, marketers and companies simply have not been using the #hashtag feature to its fullest advantage... yet.

Below are our effective tips and tricks to keep the #Facebook hashtag alive and well on your garden business Facebook page.

Unique Branding

Perky Pet, Garden Media Group, Lucky13If your garden business hosts a contest, exclusive insider tips, or a special event, you want to be sure to give it its own unique hashtag.

You can still feel free to tag more general words in your posts, but including a hashtag that is specific to your event, will allow you to brand your business even further.

Plus, then you can see what everyone is saying, tweeting, and instagraming by monitoring this unique hashtag.

To engage users even further, repost one of their statuses with the unique hashtag. Your fans love to see that you truly value what they have to say.

Tune into the Conversation

Facebook hashtags are the best way to see what fans (and competitors) are talking about.

For example, if you own a flower business now you  you can search on Facebook to see what topics, hot-button issues, and questions people have about general terms (like annual or perennial) or specific flowers (like the hibiscus, amaryllis, or ferns).

Browsing these conversations once a week will allow you to see what topics you're covering well and other areas you need to extend your conversation to.

Remember, if fans are have questions, you need to be providing them the solution. Answering every single question your followers and potential customers are wondering will have them viewing you as the go-to expert in no time.

Consistent Channels

social media for business, social media tips, perfect posts on social mediaNow that Facebook has embraced the use of hashtags, you can officially hashtag all social media platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google+. 

Yes, your job just became easier! By showcasing this hashtag across all of your social media platforms, your brand name and hashtag will soon become intertwined.

That being said, research and think carefully before settling on a hashtag that your brand will use time and time again!

Garden Media Tip: If you use a cross-platform social media manager (like HootSuite), you may now post the same message across multiple sites. But, we strongly urge you to avoid the temptation! Your fans will see this as lazy, and they won't be interested in the same message pasted across different sites. It seems impersonal, and it's very likely you'll lose fans if you keep up this bad habit!

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