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Product Launch Case Study: Year Three

Posted by Emma Fitzpatrick on Wed, Jul 24, 2013 @ 9:00 AM

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Garden Media Group has launched a multitude of products over the years.

To help streamline the process, we created a 3 year plan that ensures success. 

During Year 3 of a product launch, your garden business finally gets to run full speed ahead.

Year 3 allows you to hone in on mass media, and reap the benefits of success. 

When launching a product in the garden industry, year three has a dichotomy unlike any other: you're reaping mass media success for your current product, but you have to begin to switch the spotlight to a new, exciting product as well to maintain momentum.

Twist and Shout

PR Web Don't Get Fooled by Stink Bugs, Stink Bug, Stink Bug Trap, Rescue, product launch, garden media groupBy now, your garden product has established a following in key magazines and media across the country. But, your story is no longer about how "new and fresh" your product is.

During the third year of the product launch, begin to connect your garden product with timely current events and holidays.

This year, Garden Media Group ran a huge story on "Don't Get Fooled by Stink Bugs this April Fool's." The timely story got a huge pick up.

Plus, to further our emphasis on April Fool's day, memes and humor were also integrated into the plan for the year. Stink Bug Stu danced the Harlem Shake to get the word out about the standby stink bug trap.

Twist your message to be able to fit during key times of the year for your garden business. This tactic allows your new plant or garden product to continually dominate the headlines.

Mass Media Frenzy

fine organic gardening, rescue, stink bug trap, garden media group, rescueWhile you may have gotten a feature or mention here or there in consumer magazines, now is the year to rake in the hits in mass media.

No longer are influencers the only ones who have your name. Now all writers, editors, and producers have (hopefully) heard of your product--and been itching to try it!

This is the year to reach for the stars! All the publications you've always dreamed about getting, from the Today Show to O: the Oprah Magazine, this is the year to pitch and send samples to them.

Use your expertise and past hits to prompt mass media to get your word out.

Transition to Timely New Product

trapstick for wasps, rescue, all natural wasp trap, garden media groupWhile you still want to be sampling to key influencers and obtaining key stories in mass media, you don't want to be a one hit wonder.

Your garden brand needs to begin branching out and showcasing new possibilities in the form of a new product.

This year when you sample, add another upcoming product in there as an added bonus. Your garden business needs to establish itself as the expert for ALL areas of your field, not just one.

Establish the new, hot item while you still have the media's attention.

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Snaps to Clark Goolsby for the colorful Year 3 image!

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