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Instagram Video vs. Vine for Garden Marketing

Posted by Emma Fitzpatrick on Thu, Jun 27, 2013 @ 9:00 AM

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Instagram recently rolled out a video feature.  Now Vine isn't the only platform you can take quick snappy videos.

As social media and amateur video making continue to evolve, your garden business needs to be aware of the changes and know how to embrace them!

There's a head-on battle brewing between the new Instagram Video and the already beloved Vine.

Let's take a look at both platforms, and see who wins when it comes to garden marketing in this heated feud for social video!

Lengthy Transgressions

Instagram Video knew it had to set itself apart from Vine, so they formulated a 15 second video-- more than double the video length allowed by Vine.

Vine videos are a mere six seconds. Vine videos always seem to fly by. However they do loop, which can make them appear longer.

Is more better? Nope! Not in the realm of social video. Vine is the winner of this round!

Our attention span over the years has dwindled to a mere six seconds, so Vine is the perfect medium to ensure your entire video gets watched. With Instagram Video, there's a good chance your viewers won't make it through the whole piece.

Aesthetic Appeal

instagram photo, instagram for business, public relations media plan, garden media groupInstagram is known for their vintage footage, and you'll see the same filters translate to their new video feature. Presently, there are thirteen filters to add to your video before you upload it, so can have the same blast from the past quality. Plus, Instagram has a "Cinema" feature to make your video less shaky and more professional!

Vine doesn't offer any options to let you tweak the look of your video. When it comes to Vine, what you see is what you get.

The battle of beauty goes to.... Instagram by a landslide! Instagram has always been the go-to for images that look like far more than a cellphone picture--and now Instagram Video lets you beautify your cell phone videos too!

Dedicated Dailies

smartphone users, instagram, vine, garden media groupInstagram users top 130 million, and out of that HUGE chunk, there are over 7.3 million daily users. Daily users are really the key number here because these Instagram users are the ones who are addicted to flipping through those vintage style pictures. Plus, Instagram's already established database allowed them to have 5 million videos uploaded in the first 24 hours. Instagram ranks #8 on the top free downloaded apps.

Meanwhile, Vine is ranked as the #7 free downloaded app! Only launched this year, Vine already has 13 million users who upload one million videos daily! Best of all, for your garden business, branded Vine videos are FOUR times more likely to be shared than a regular ad video.

Who's the more beloved app? Instagram! With its massive database of users, this far trumps Vine. Instagram has already become the beloved site for beautiful, easy images--and now they've got videos too.  For now, we'll give Vine a special mention for garden businesses since the content is so sharable!

Overall Winner: INSTAGRAM. We are forecasting that over the upcoming months, Instagram will begin to dominate the field of social video while Vine will begin to peter out.

If your business isn't already using Instagram, you better download our e-book to learn the secrets!

New Call to action

Special thank you to Pace Co. for the Instagram vs. Vine image. 

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