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Email Makeover Guide to Help Garden Industry Reach Smart Phone Users

Posted by Emma Fitzpatrick on Mon, Jun 24, 2013 @ 9:00 AM

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Are you an app addict? Always downloading new apps on your smartphone?

Well then it may come as a surprise to you that people use their smartphones most for emails, not apps, not internet, not actual phone calls, but E-MAIL.

A study found 79% of smartphone users use their phone to check email. And, after checking their personal email, emails from brands - or even better emails from your garden business are their second priority in terms of importance.

And a whopping 70% said direct emails from businesses influence their buying behavior -- a great ROI! That's why mobile email marketing is definitely a worthwhile investment.

With these stats in mind, your garden business needs to take a second look at your email marketing and use these simple but powerful tips for an email makeover.

Targeted Segments

email marketing, target audience, public relations media plan, pr campaign, garden industry, garden media groupWhen sending emails out to customers, you've got to know who you're talking to.

The more you know your audience, the better you can get in their head--and make your message resonate with them.

That being said, your garden business has to segment your email marketing list. Blanket emails will make your users unsubscribe in an instant.

However, by segmenting your lists by interests, company, and buying habits, you can send them a tailored message. A message that capitalizes on the language they use and the items they love will convince them to open all emails from your garden business.

Remember, these lists need to be constantly updated in order to work.

Timed True

timing email marketing, public relations strategy, garden industry, garden media groupAnother key factor to your success with email marketing is figuring out the best time to communicate with your audience.

Of course, there are many reports and studies about what time is truly best. But, one fact is true across the board: commuters check email on the go.

The most successful time of day for email to be read is between 8-9 AM and 5-6 PM.

As far as what day is best, mid-week works best for some while Fridays have proven to be a stand-out for others.

Adapt Your Craft

email marketing, change, adapt, business plan, quotes, garden industry, garden media groupWhile these numbers and tips are a great starting point, to truly craft a brilliant email marketing campaign your garden business has to measure what works for you.

After each email, measure how many people opened it, the click through rate, conversion rate, and revenue per email sent.

Email marketing is all about finding the perfect formula for reaching your target audience.

You'll have to make many adjustments before you find success, but it will be worth it in the end!

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