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How to Join and Integrate Google Hangouts Into Your Garden Business

Posted by Emma Fitzpatrick on Thu, May 30, 2013 @ 9:00 AM

google plus, google hangouts, social media, video chats for business, garden media group ebook clubGoogle+ is the black sheep of social media. The rest of the gang, think Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest garner much more attention. 

While Google+ may not be the most popular, the one major advantage of Google+ is the Google Hangouts. 

Google Hangouts are the perfect fit for your small business--and will offer you a competitive edge over other garden businesses. 

See what a Google Hangout looks like in action by joining Garden Media for our first ebook club discussion on branding

Below, we'll detail how to use a Google Hangout and the many ways you can start using Google Hangouts to better connect with your green consumers.  

What is a Google Hangout?

Google Hangout is simply an interactive video chat. Unlike Skype, Google Hangouts let you chat with more than one person at a time.

Similarly, you still have the option to type in a chat box with others in the group while also seeing and hearing them via video.

How to Join Your First Hangout

Garden Media Group is excitedly hosting our first Google Hangout tomorrow, May 31st at noon. The whole GMG team will be joining you face to face to kick off our free e-book club!

The first book we'll be discussing is our Branding Case Study on the Knock Out Rose. If you're an avid GROW! reader, you've already learned the essential steps in branding a company during the month of May, and we'd love to have you add your wisdom to the conversation. Even if you'd just rather hang back and listen, you'll still learn tons to benefit your garden business brand.

If you're planning on joining us tomorrow, you'll need to learn how to join a Google Hangout.

1. First things first, log into your Google+ account!

2. Then, make sure you have sent your ebook RSVP here.  

3. Next, download Google's voice & video chat plugin.

4. Before you go live, make sure you've tested your video chat with someone else. I also like to make sure my outfit appears professional on the camera, my voice can be heard loud and clear, and the lighting works to my advantage!

5. Finally, tomorow at noon, all you need to do is click on the event bubble or the event page to join the ebook club discussion on branding. 

P. S. If you're receiving a call, a box will pop up to invite you to join the Hangout; just click "Join Hangout," and you're golden!

Google Hangout in the Garden Industry

Below are a few ways you can continue to innovate and take hold of the trends by integrating Google Hangouts into your public relations media plan.

Product Demonstration

If you have a new product launch, make sure you host a Google Hangout. The video format will allow your followers to truly see your enthusiasm for the new product.

Here, you'll get to describe the benefits of your new garden product, show how to use it, and finally, open up the floor for questions and feedback.

If you find the format works well for your business, host an electronic focus group with selected participants before the official product launch.

Q & A

When big changes are happening internally or externally in your garden business, stay transparent by hosting a Google Hangout.

Invite all your circles and lovers of the company to join a genuine Q & A session to discuss how the news will affect different participants. 


Countless small businesses have found tutorials on Google Hangout to be a big draw for their consumers. Instead of just talking about how to make a Zen garden, go ahead and demonstrate, which will allow you to talk through potentional issues and tips as you build.

Interactive video tutorials provide an avenue for you to engage in meaningful customer interaction. Plus, after a few tutorials on container gardening, they'll begin to see your garden business as the expert.

Customer Support

Sometimes all an agitated customer needs is a friendly, human face to show they care. Video customer support illustrates that your garden business is taking advantage of technology. Plus, they'll begin to see the faces behind your brand.

Master the art of the Google Hangout by joining us tomorrow for Garden Media Group's E-Book Club Discussion on Branding.

First, brush up on your branding knowledge with our Knock Out Rose Case Study below!

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