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Branding Case Study: Connecting with Gardening Trends

Posted by Emma Fitzpatrick on Wed, May 29, 2013 @ 9:00 AM

suzi mccoy, garden trends 2013, garden industry, garden media group, branding and trendsOnce your brand has been defined and broadcast across regional and national media outlets, you need to ensure that your garden business stays the center of attention.

To gurantee that your product is not a one hit wonder, you have to strategically market your brand to be the new must-have item, year after year.

Consumers are constantly vying for the cutting edge, so make sure you and your gardening influencers are afoot of this year's trends.

By connecting your gardening brand and product to annual trends, you'll remain the apple of the media (and your consumers') eye!

Tried and True Trends

When launching a product, the buzz around your brand never stops! Finally, the market knows how unique your garden product is. The stories are copious, the profits are rolling in, and the excitement seems endless. But, after your product has launched, you need to keep building the momentum!

The gardening world is ephemeral, so your product has to be tweaked and realigned to lead the pack--or you'll need to develop new products to fit the changing market!

Gardening trends change year to year, so make sure you have your eye on where gardening will go, not just where it is now.

Connecting to Annual Trends

To promote your gardening product, you've got to save some allure for the upcoming fiscal year.

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When we launched the Knock Out Rose®, we staggered the family of roses by releasing and promoting one member of the collection each year.

Releasing a new rose each year was one of the key factors in the Knock Out's success, consistently driving traffic, eyeballs, and dollars each year ten years in a row.

Focusing on one member of the Knock Out Family allowed us to contrast each flower's individual gifts while also uniting the shared qualities of the brand at large.

Plus, each year when the trends were emerging, we were able to find a way to connect our Rose of the Year to the trend of the year. From low-maintenance landscapes to container gardening, one member of Knock Out always fit the bill.

By connecting one unique flower with the hottest trends in the garden, the Knock Out Rose garnered attention year in and year out! Tracing the gardening trends assured that Knock Out would be the front runner of the year because there was always a new twist to our focus of the season.

The second your garden product stops leading the trends pack is the moment it becomes dreaded old news. Keep telling your brand's story with your lovable persona

Throughout the month of May, our blog has walked you through four steps of creating a gardening brand.

Garden Media is always here to lend a helping hand--and provide you with tips that have created one of the most popular, asked for by name products. 

Stop by every Wednesday in June to discover how to create and launch a wildly successful PR campaign!

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