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Social Media Analytics Made Simple

Posted by Emma Fitzpatrick on Wed, May 1, 2013 @ 9:00 AM
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Your business can’t juggle every social media outlet. If you try, you’ll end up pulling all of your hair out—and see very little pay off.

To truly master the art and daily practice of social media, your garden business has to be mindful about tracking your success. Using social media tools and tracking devices, you can easily learn what social media platforms are the most successful while also discovering what posts are most popular.

Below, we’ve outlined three powerful tools to track and analyze your social media success that are simple, secure, and versatile.

Adaptable Apps

The two websites listed below are able to track every platform and website your garden business utilizes all in one place. Charts, graphs, and hard numbers galore are here-- just what you need to convince and reassure your business that the time investment on social media is worth it!


sumall, social media analytics, garden media groupSumAll is everything I’ve always dreamed of in an analytics tool. I know I’m not alone in this dream; tracking social media and outlining the direct correlation between social media engagement and a hard increase in sales can be the biggest headache.

But, SumAll makes it as easy as can be while still being affordable, which makes it great for small businesses. Starting at just $9 a month, SumAll promises to answer all the questions you have about your success on social media. Did that Facebook contest really increase business? Is my garden blog  responsible for the bump in Twitter followers?

SumAll gives you charts to see the correlation between social media and sales, which is what the head honchos of your business are always craving. Deliver it to them easily, and begin turning data into dollars.

Simply Measured

social media, simply measuring, social media analtyics, garden media groupWhile SumAll is the perfect fit for small businesses, Simply Measured caters more towards big business brands, since their monthly fee is $500. 

Yet, businesses of any size can still utilize Simply Measured social media-centric data. Simply Measured has a slew of free social media reports. The only catch? You need to share a tweet promoting the company.

The tweet will pay off, though! Simply Measured provides hard data in an extremely detailed excel sheet. There are free reports for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest—you name it, you tweet it, and it’s yours!

These free reports are perfect for deciding what social media platforms are worth your business’s time.


Tracking visuals is a bit more difficult, which is why Statigram is your best bet for Instagram analytics. Also, taking a picture seems easy enough, but to be succeeding on Instagram, your garden business needs to know the best time to post, and what photos succeed the most.


statigram, instagram analytics, garden media groupStatigram is completely free! This Instagram-only tracker provides hard numbers , like the amount of photos you have, likes received, comments, followers and more.

Statigram also helps you organize and arrange contests on Instagram, a proven way to increase engagement on social media.

Plus, this website tracks your growth in users, your most engaged photos, and even what time of the day your followers prefer the most.

Now that you know how to track Instagram and other social media avenues, make sure your business is using Instagram to its fullest potential with our e-book below! 

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Special Thanks to Every Day Tenacity for the image of social media success!

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