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8 Types of Content Consumers Crave

Posted by Emma Fitzpatrick on Thu, May 2, 2013 @ 9:00 AM

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As much as we talk about social media, press releases, and witty infographics, the medium simply will not matter if there isn't strong content backing it up.

Content is king and will be for the foreseeable future. Before you go blazing a new digital medium trail, you’ve got to pause and think before you do.

If you want your mediums to be successful, your content has to set the foundation. Meaning before you think about the how, you need to think long and hard about the what.

Strong, interesting content is the only way to ensure your clientele keeps coming back to you.

To get your mind wheels a’turning, here are eight types of content that consumers are proven to love.

Implement these tips next time you post on social media or write a press release, and voila, you’re the brand they’ll forever return to.

Stories That Solve Problems

Provide easy solutions to your customers with stories, videos, and step by step instructions to combat problems.

You need to know your garden industry product inside and out, which means you can see where consumers may have problems with it. Then, provide them the solution.

Another twist on this tactic is to tackle problems in the garden industry at large, and then, show how your product can solve this problem.

This type of content works because consumers in the garden industry need to learn that they can come to you for solutions to common problems.

Quirky Quotes

etsy, gardening quotes, garden media groupQuotes are consistently successful on social media. Why? The answer is simple; people love to hear wise words.

When your garden business posts a quote, you’re sharing inspiration, creating a bond, and generating smiles.

Once you’ve got the content, then spice up the medium by illustrating the quote. People love to feel and see. 

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I know, lists seem incredibly ho-hum. But, people still love lists. They’re simple, straight-forward, and chock-full of information. The mind likes to have information chunked; it makes tasks seem easier to do—and succeed.

Again, spice up this content by illustrating the images in one way or another.

Alluring Apps

With the multitude of apps and websites that are released daily, no one can try them all. Luckily, your consumers have you to test these apps and tell them which ones are worth their time.

By outlining the pros and cons for new tools, you’ll make your consumers’ lives easier… and they’ll love you for it.

Forever Relevant

While you do need to stay on top of the trends, you need to have a folder of forever stories, which are stories that never go out of style. Here, you’ll have stories that your consumers have already proven they love.

Next time you’re feeling stuck about what to write about, travel to your forever folder. Repurposing and recycling content isn’t lazy, it’s smart business.

Case Studies

Branding Case StudyTheories and research are a good start, and they certainly peak your clientele’s interest. But, you then need to show them that your research translates into real-world business success.

Case studies show that if a client internalizes your tips, then they too can have this success!

In essence, you give them the tools to succeed, and then prove that they too can do it.

Present Pessimism   

For whatever reason, people are attracted to the negative. Given the choice between two articles, “How to Succeed on Facebook,” or “10 Facebook Mistakes to Avoid,” readers will choose the latter.

Taking the negative angle of the story will appeal to your readers’ innate inclination to the negative. Then, you can uplift them with solutions to the problems.

Intertwining these two successful content types will ensure your readers will be hooked!

Visual Content

Our digital world is littered with text. From billboards to tweets, text overwhelms us.

It’s your job to work against this. You need to make your content interesting by utilizing visually-based mediums to tell your story. Try illustrating tweets, or making a video on Vine

Start with a solid content foundation. Once you’ve earned the Content Crown, go ahead and experiment with different mediums.

By combining video, infographics, illustrations, Instagram, and memes, you take the best of traditional PR and meld it with the hottest new trends.

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