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4 Tips to Create Unforgettable Press Releases in the Garden Industry

Posted by Emma Fitzpatrick on Thu, Nov 8, 2012 @ 9:00 AM

press release for garden businessesWriting press releases is a key part of any and all public relations plans. But, reporters and editors receive 1,000 pitches every single week. Your press release has to stand out!

Creating unforgettable press releases that get lots of coverage is a blend of art, science, and magic! Magic, really? Yes! Public relations experts have perfected the combination, producing thrillingly magical results. Check out our latest release here on garden trends here!

To continue to perfect press releases for your garden business, use these tips every single time you write a press release, and watch your impressions bloom.

Create an Irresistible E-Mail Subject Line
While this seems like an aspect of the press release you can just slap together last minute, it’s actually one of the most vital parts! If your subject line is blah, reporters will not even open your message. All of your hard work will result in nothing!

To create the perfect subject line, study what each reporter likes to write about. No two e-mail subject lines should be the same because each reporter has a different, individual passion that makes them tick. Also, be snappy and interesting. Choose words that are informative, yet intriguing.

Work within the Box

Press releases have a specific structure, and rather than trying to innovate the form, work within its conventions. When reporters open press releases, they want to know exactly where they can find info—in a hurry.  Start with the most important information and end with the least important. Don’t deter your audience! Encourage them to read more by giving them what they expect; use press release conventions to your advantage by following this formatting:

  • Headline= The News

  • Subhead= Short Complement to the Headline

  • 1st Paragraph=Intro and Details about the Headline

  • 2nd Paragraph= Explanation of the Subhead

  • 3rd Paragraph= Important Quotes and Context

  • 4th Paragraph= Specifics about the Message

  • Fifth Paragraph= Call to Action; Brief Summary

Individualize Strategy

Before you write a single world, ask yourself, “Who cares about this, and why?” Each release should have a different style and objective, which will differ greatly from each client and each topic. Answering these basic questions will guide your semantics and pragmatics while focusing your content.

Be Specific

Press releases are news, first and foremost. In journalism, qualitative and quantitative data are needed to backup claims. Generalizations do not cut it! Provide specific examples and facts to corroborate claims made.

Need a bit more help? Check our latest press release on garden trends.

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