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2013 Garden Trends and Their PR Implication

Posted by Emma Fitzpatrick on Thu, Oct 25, 2012 @ 9:40 AM

Being on top of (and in front of) upcoming trends will ensure your garden and lawn business2013 Garden Trends and PR Implication will be a success.

At Garden Media Group, we began doing annual trends report in 2001. Since then, we’ve predicted the rise of container gardening, vegetable gardening, and the buy local movement—all before they happened.

Garden trends allow you and your garden business to stay to stay afoot of customer demand. Customers will begin to see you as a trendsetter in the industry and will come to your website to see the next, newest hot item.

Yet, to truly become a trend setter, you also need to know the upcoming PR trends as well. The digital world is evolving at a faster speed than ever before! 

2013 Garden Trends Report

Keep ahead of PR trends with our helpful insights below, and then, download our 2013 Garden Trends Report: Finding Your Bliss!

1. Consumers RULE.

We’ve heard this before, but never has it been more true than in 2012. Social media and content curation truly have made this the status quo. Online consumers know have the power to make a video go viral or share the hottest sale with all their friends and followers.

If you want a successful business, factoring these everyday, powerful influencers into your public relations media plan is a must.

2. Statistics 101: Is that true?

Not only are we inundated with advertisements, but as consumers, we’ve been bombarded with statistics. Now, we’re skeptical. No longer can statistics be a little fudged—not that they ever should have been. Infographics provide a fresh new way to deliver impactful quality statistics.

When integrating statistics into a PR plan, remember to use only a handful of stats that will really pack a punch!

3.Internet Journalism Matters.

Traditional media methods are changing. In print publications are important, but freelance writers—especially those online—are gaining a lot of power. Freelancers produce more than 70% of magazine content.

Be sure your garden business is fostering these key relationships with bloggers and freelancers!

4.Everyone is an “Expert.”

Having an expert to promote used to mean press coverage. But, online anyone can declare themselves an expert on a topic, so we’re really questioning speakers’ credibility.

New story angles are now necessary to jump over this hurdle.   

Now that you know PR trends, learn about upcoming garden trends in the next year!

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