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Integrating Social Media into a Public Relations Media Plan

Posted by Emma Fitzpatrick on Thu, Oct 18, 2012 @ 9:16 AM

socializing onlineWhen trying to get your garden business and brand exposure, you can’t rely exclusively on the tried and true methods. Yes, they work, but they’re also over done.

To be a true leader in the lawn and garden industry, you’ve got to be leading the pack—that means you’ve got to stay afoot of PR trends and garden trends. Luckily, we can help you out on both fronts!

Induated by e-mails and cold phone calls, reporters and editors at the local and national level are looking for new ways to find stories. 

Take hold of social media, and make it work for you! Using a fresh, new approach to pitching stories may be just what you need.

Below are easy ways you can bring your pitching strategies into the 21st century.

Why Bother?

We know it’s easy to keep doing what you’ve been doing for decades. You know how to distribute a press release through e-mail and fax, but using social media has proven pack more of a punch!

Pitching through Social Media Delivers the Bare-Bones Story.

In a press release, you can ramble on for 500 words while in a Twitter pitch, your story has to be condensed to a mere 140 characters. It’s a huge difference, but whittling down your argument to its most pure, simple form means more reporters will read it. 

Go Where the Reporters Go.

We aren’t saying reporters no longer check their email, but they’re transforming the way they find stories. 89% of reporters are using blogs to conduct research while 65% use Facebook and LinkedIn to find the latest scoop. Over 50% use Twitter. Social media provides a short and sweet story scoop that's constantly updated. Reporters are trying out new techniques, so show them that you are too! Tweet your story, add it to the LinkedIn update reel, and advertise it on Facebook.

Integrate Social Media into Your Public Relations Plan Flawlessly

Start Conversations; Build Relationship

Having stellar relationships with media sources will get your story printed. After all, this is public relations. Social media is the perfect place to solidify previous connections while reaching out to new faces. If you want to create a relationship with a new reporter, connect with them on every platform (Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn). Then, when they ask for a story tip, you’ll be the first to see it—and hopefully, respond! Plus, by engaging with their interests and stories, you’ll showcase your interest not just in their work, but in their personhood—and that is invaluable.

Value Bloggers

Over 90% of reporters use blogs to research story ideas! Get your story on high-traffic blogs, and chances are other media sources will pick it up too. Offer to do a guest blog for one of your favorite blogs, or pitch your story to the top industry bloggers.

Create Virtual Media Kits

Traditional media kits are costly and often never opened. Yet, the core concept remains golden. Update your media kit by creating an online web-version or a PDF. Then, broadcast the kit on your social media networks, and share it with reporters when they need more info.

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