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How To Use Social Media to Maximize Your Garden Industry Business

Posted by Emma Fitzpatrick on Fri, Sep 28, 2012 @ 6:00 PM

Become a Social Media Butterfly in the Garden Industry!The Lawn and garden industry knows how to work social media; it’s free and a fantastic way to get the word out about new products and to foster a conversation with both new and loyal customers. Yet, there’s a major split on how garden businesses use social media.

A new study shows that garden and lawn businesses fall into one of two categories when using social media. Which one are you, a social butterfly or hyperconnector?  

Learn more about each type to see where you and your garden business fit best!


Concerned with getting more Facebook likes?

Always trying to rack up more Twitter followers?

Judge success of social media by hard numbers?

……You may be a hyperconnector!

All too often start-up garden businesses fall into this category, and many businesses stay in this category for way too long! While it’s certainly a good start, simply garnering attention and views on your pages is not enough. Garden businesses often are great at initiating conversation, but do not follow up enough with their customers to truly form a relationship.  However, your transformation into a social media butterfly is forthcoming! Read on to discover how to use social media in a meaningful way.

Social Butterfly

Love fostering conversation on social media?

Have loyal followers?

Well then, you are a social butterfly.

Being a social media butterfly has a bit of a different implication than you might think. Social media butterflies are great at fostering conversation through Twitter and Facebook. They not only ask questions, but make sure they respond to their garden customers’ responses. These garden companies want to go beyond just the numbers by using social media to truly foster a genuine, thoughtful relationship with their clientele. Interaction with fans and followers ensures that they will return to your site. Individualization makes customers feel special and appreciated. Delta Airlines is a company that has this interaction mastered. If a customer tweets at them or writes on their Facebook page, Delta almost always responses with a personalized response, suggestion, and empathy. .Social media butterflies not only start interesting conversations, but they then contribute and further them. Using these tactics will not only increase your garden business’s likes and followers, but will guarantee they return to your personable, caring business.

This is just the beginning!

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