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Use LinkedIn To Grow Your Business in the Lawn and Garden Industry

Posted by Katie Dubow on Wed, Aug 22, 2012 @ 9:01 AM

Having a LinkedIn account, not only for yourself, but also for a business in the lawn and garden industry is key in today’s garden market!

Essentially the professional’s Facebook, LinkedIn is known for its ability to connect and showcase companies, associations, garden centers and individuals across the globe with 160 million members and counting.

In our free e-book "Networking 101: Garden Marketing Tips and Tricks for Using LinkedIn," companies in the lawn and garden industry can learn how to create personal and company profiles, tips for getting started, and the extra features LinkedIn offers to extend business brands and engage with key audiences.

LinkedIn has built such a vast community of professionals and provides so many tools to help members engage and interact with each other. Our Garden Media office uses it every day and has made some valuable connections. The trick, however, is taking the first step and investing your time to make it productive.

LinkedIn is not as easy as just creating a company profile.  You'll have to pay attention to what is included in your profile, URLs and contact information are key. 

You also want to learn how to connect with customers and other professionals in the industry, because LinkedIn in the place for professionals.  Finally, ask for invaluable recommendations from prior co-workers, bosses or customers.

LinkedIn Groups are one of the most underutilized features of LinkedIn.  You want to get active and stay active in a few groups.

Breeders, growers and garden centers can connect directly with customers through groups, answering questions and offering calls to action. From soil health and seed companies to garden centers and landscape designers, there are groups for just about everything. Search for keywords like “garden” and “seeds” in groups and join away.

The # 1 tip for groups-"Join Many, Participate in a few, Run one."

To learn more tips on how to stay active in LinkedIn Groups, status updates and profile suggestions, download the free e-book.

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