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13 Ways to Use Facebook for Garden Marketing

Posted by Katie Dubow on Wed, Aug 1, 2012 @ 9:23 AM

garden marketingFacebook has evolved from a college student’s social network in 2004 to a leading force for a company’s marketing tactics, yet many businesses still are unclear how to use Facebook business pages to build brand awareness and attract new customers.

Setting up a Facebook page is simple, but achieving results is still a mystery for many business owners. Facebook is a great tool for putting a face and personality to a brand. People, after all, still ‘like’ to do business with people they ‘like’ and who have the same values.

In this free Facebook for Business e-book, your gardening business will learn how to increase likes, drive followers to the company’s website, liven up content and utilize Facebook’s new timeline features to maximize online presence.

Facebook is not just for connecting with friends anymore. With almost one billion users, this social network has become the prime location for businesses across the globe.

The Facebook e-book from Garden Media suggests keeping content fresh and exciting with the use of visuals and valuable information.

Consistency is key. Whether it’s beautiful pictures or repurposing blog posts, we post something on Facebook every day. We also post marketing events and details about our clients, to give followers and friends a sense of what Garden Media does.

Facebook is great for developing a brand’s personality, and the new timeline feature allows businesses to tell a brand’s story by creating milestones, pinning posts, and highlighting important information. It’s not hard to see why its new features and tools are highly appealing to companies.

The Garden Media Group e-book also has tips on using contests and sweepstakes to engage current followers and attract new ones.

Giveaways and special offers and promotions are the number one ways to grow likes and encourage followers to interact with your page. There are certain rules you must abide by to run a contest on Facebook so make sure you get someone to first ‘like’ your page in order to view the contest description, or prizes.

Facebook continues to rank first among social network sites. According to a study by Facebook boasts an average 7012.9 million visits a month which far exceeds twitter’s second place of 182 million. As other social media sites become popular it is often hard to decide which ones to use; however, when it comes to sheer numbers, Facebook has all the other networks beat.

To download the e-book:

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