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Three Reasons Why Your Workspace Needs a Facelift

Posted by Samantha Arcieri on Thu, Oct 22, 2015 @ 10:36 AM

It is true, inspiration can come from anything, at any time. But successful people know their office space makes a big difference. I mean, heck, the average person spends more than 2,000 hours a year at their desk. Why not make it a comfortable space to send emails, make calls, hold meetings and surf the internet?

While it’s impossible to feel inspired 24/7 there’s one thing anyone can do to immediately to spark creativity: decorate the workspace. 

Continue reading for three reasons about the benefits of decorating your workspace.

1. Inspire Creativity

At Garden Media our office spaces provide a creative environment to build innovative campaigns and look to the future for new ideas. And you want your employees to think outside the box, too. 

Start with color- the colors around you greatly affect your mood, work ethic and attention span. Colors such as red and yellow boost energy levels while blues and greens can have a calming effect.

To encourage creative thinking and a sense of togetherness, open up your workplace. If you have windows, situate employees near them and make use of available natural light. Don’t stick to same seating arrangements. Every few months, change it up and put different employees next to each other

2. You Are What You... Occupy  

According to, those who take ownership of their workspace prove to be happier, more productive and empowered.

“The spaces we occupy shape who we are and how we behave. This has serious consequences for our psychological well-being and creative performance. Given that many of us spend years working in the same room, or even at the same desk, it makes sense to organize and optimize that space in the most beneficial ways possible.”

In an industry that thrives on creativity, it’s crucial for any space to foster innovation and new ideas.

3. Ability to Go with the Flow

Plants and flowers offer a simple way to add a dash of color and brighten up any dull space. And houseplants make great office decorations. Not only do they improve indoor air quality, reduce stress and increase productivity, but according to Costa Farms, houseplants also inspire teamwork.

Scientific studies show people who spend time around plants are more likely to help others.

When it comes to desk décor, go with the flow of the office. It’s great to stand out, but it’s never a good idea to negatively disrupt what’s already in place.

At the end of the day, maintaining a stimulating, comfortable work environment makes all the difference in the world. It has a positive effect on efficiency, productivity, demeanor and countless other parts of your working world. 

Not sure what your office style is? Take this quiz from Forbes to learn what type of office style you have!

Decorated spaces help professionals show they’re on trend. Download our trends report to see what’s new in the garden industry. 

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