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Trending Thursday: Get the Most out of Group Brainstorms

Posted by Samantha Arcieri on Thu, Apr 16, 2015 @ 6:00 AM

It’s raining ideas in the office! Or at least is should be.

Public relations professionals are responsible for generating innovative campaigns and hosting buzzworthy events for clients. But what happens when those ideas run out? How do great ideas go from thoughts to concrete proposals?

Unless your office has a slot machine full of ideas on hand, most campaigns are born, cultivated and nurtured as part of a brainstorming session.

Continue reading for more tips on how a team can brainstorm effectively.

Do the Homework

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Individuals looking to get the most out of a team brainstorming session must prepare in advance.

Identifying the problem and the goal beforehand will bring focus to the meeting and allow the group to concentrate on what’s most important.

The most successful brainstorming sessions develop strategy, not identify a problem.

Since all offices are comprised of people with different personalities, it’s easier for some team members to develop ideas on their own before presenting them to the group.

According to, “For introverts who generate ideas best without the looming presence of others, knowing the topic in advance is key. This allows them to come prepared with several creative options — and not feel stampeded by extroverts who prefer to riff.”

Record, Record, Record

There are no bad ideas when it comes to group brainstorms. The best way to give each thought a fair shot is to write it down and expand on it.

“You want everyone in the room to feel heard, to have permission to speak their piece, and to defer judgment during the brainstorm,” said. 

If the team is gathered in one central location during the brainstorm, as they should be, designate one person to write down ideas and send a typed copy of the notes to the team after the meeting.

Sometimes, great ideas pop out of nowhere, and at inconvenient times. Jot down thoughts in a notebook or on a phone. This running list of ideas can be used at a later date.

Watch the Time

The group’s enthusiasm and attention span decreases if sessions extend too long. This produces less than desirable results.

Allotting a limited amount of time for each brainstorm creates a sense of urgency and leads to powerful, impactful ideas. 

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