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How to Brand: Keep Yourself in Mind

Posted by Megan O'Connell on Thu, Sep 21, 2017 @ 10:34 AM

PR professionals are always looking for ways to make their clients shine the brightest. Whether that is philip-strong-213128.jpggetting their name in print, promoting and posting about them on social media, or getting an interview to air, it is their passion to see their client’s company name everywhere. Branding a garden business is one of the things we at Garden Media Group do best.

But what about when you want to develop your personal brand? Have you ever thought about that?

A personal brand shows off who you are and the person you want to be to the world. Most people know this as a reputation. When you’re in school, you can be known for being the smart kid, the stinky kid, the fast kid, or the bully. Humans are susceptible to associating people they know to things they relate with. As you grow up, these associations start to shape you.

If you want to develop a personal brand you need to think about how your decisions, actions and values shape that brand.

Continue reading to find out how more about your personal brand and how to make it shine.


Whenever you post something on social media, think, will this benefit my brand or harm it?

Somethings simply don’t belong online. If you have a bad day and need to vent? Text your best friend. However, if you finally secured that client that you have been after for months? Post it on social media, appropriately.

Making sure your social media is a good reflection of who you are is very important to keeping your brand true. Some ways to develop your brand on social media:

  • Be sure to check your spelling and grammar on posts
  • Don't post anything you wouldn't want your grandmother to see
  • Untag yourself from anything you don't want to associate with publicly
  • Keep in mind what is in photos as you post.
  • Don't be cruel or harsh to others and don't be a troll



It is possible to hold onto your personal brand at the office. It may not be easy to contradict something a colleague, and especially a superior says, but speaking up for what you believe in is the most important thing, and people will respect you more for it.

Always keep your personal brand in mind. It may get you in some sticky situations, but your brand is the only thing that will stick with you. Ways to maintain a personal brand at the office:

  • When a new client is assigned to you, make sure they are a customer you can be proud to represent. If you can’t be proud of who you represent, you won’t have success.
  • Be sure to make and meet deadlines for all projects assigned to you.
  • Be respectful to those around you – they are your team and you need to build each other up.
  • Put your best effort into your work, especially when it involves a client.


When you are at home or out with friends, you need to maintain your brand as well. It will become more of a second nature if it is constantly in the back of your head. Think about who you’d want to associate with and focus on being that person.

Being the best version of yourself will help maintain relationships and increase happiness in yourself and in your life. Ways to maintain a personal brand socially:

  • Be mindful of the way you treat other people. You never know who you will run into.
  • Surround yourself with inspirational people. They will ignite a passion in you.
  • Read anything and everything – this will help you become a better writer and spark ideas that you can bring to the office.
  • Get out of the house – get away from the media and the everyday monotony and find something new.

For more about branding, check out our case study on Branding American Beauties plants.

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