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Trending Thursday: Keep Your Garden Brands' Pinterest Seasonal

Posted by Merissa Blum on Thu, Oct 9, 2014 @ 9:04 AM

Who doesn’t want to increase their Pinterest followers and repins?

Pinterest has become the go-to search engine when looking for DIY crafts, activities and ideas.

Now that it's fall, seasonal keywords like autumn and Halloween are in the air!

Keep up with all of the latest trends, including seasons, to attract more attention to your garden brand's Pinterest site and gain more followers. Pinterest users are all over this seasonal change!

Continue reading to learn how to get your garden brand’s Pinterest site noticed this fall.

1. Trending Boards

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According to Pinterest, as of September 17th there were already more than 176 million Halloween Pins and more than 45 million Halloween boards on Pinterest.

I think you can guess what your garden brand needs to get involved: seasonal pinning!

Create a board unique to your garden business to leverage this seasonal, holiday shift. For example, a Spooky Plants Board or Falling for Autumn would drive traffic to your page.

Lots of people go to Pinterest to find the latest trends. Be creative and get them looking at your board, now is the time! 

2. Getting Your Pins Noticed

fall leaves, autumn, garden media group, pinterest, trends, pinterest trending boardsPhoto Credit: Davey Tree

There are a variety of helpful hints that can be useful in getting your garden brand Pinterest boards and pins noticed!

The best way to make sure your boards are found when users explore Pinterest is to incorporate keywords into your pin descriptions, and board titles/descriptions.

Keep your board titles clear and simple.

It will be much easier for users to find the pins they are looking for if your board has a generic title such as “Outdoor Decorating for Fall” rather than a catchy title.

When it comes to your Pinterest board description, you want to incorporate a variety of carefully selected keywords. You also want to be sure to include a call-to-action!

For your pin descriptions, spice things up! Create descriptions that capture attention and tell the most pertinent information first.

3. Extra Pointers

pointers, extra tips, garden media group, pinterest, trending, pinterest trending boards, halloween boards, fall boards

Research the seasonal keywords being used and incorporate them on your Pinterest site.

Be sure to reorganize your boards from season to season so that people can easily find the topics they are searching for.

Get moving and push your fall and Halloween boards to the top!

Repin pins from your favorite, bloggers, fans or publications so that you are joining the action and not only marketing a friend, but you are also marketing your brand.

Now, creating these boards can be time consuming. If you don’t have the time to create a board for each season and holiday, then this is a great time for some media relations.


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