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Tips to Use Nature to Increase Your Garden Business Productivity

Posted by Merissa Blum on Tue, Aug 12, 2014 @ 9:00 AM

Looking to give your business a productivity boost as the dog days of summer roll in?

Well, it may only be a plant away. That's right! Add a houseplant to inspire productivity, create a calming work atmosphere and even reduce stress.

Luckily for your garden business, there are so many ways to use plants and the natural world at large to motivate and boost employee productivity.

Learn how your garden brand can become more successful by incorporating indoor plants and more greenery into the work day.

Bring Plants Inside

Photo Credit: Costa Farms

Think gardens are a garden trend for 2014, but this trend is not losing its legs anytime soon! 

Plants are not only visually appealing but also increase the productivity of employees.

The serotonin in plants increases happiness and reduces anxiety and also has positive effects on memory and learning.

Plus, in the office, plants also help to improve air quality and bump the humidity. Most offices have humidity levels that are too low, which can cause fatigue and an overall drop in well-being. Pop a plant to boost positivity! 

To get the full scoop on all the good things houseplants do for your mind and body, check out Costa Farm's O2 for You Program!

Get Yourself Outdoors

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During the workday, be sure to take the opportunity to get outside and soak up that summer sun!

The change of scenery offers a great opportunity for employees to generate new ideas and think creatively.

Also, if you can have a meeting outside lounging on the lawn or better yet a walking meeting, do it!

Getting your employees out of the office reduces stress and provides a ray of sunshine that will make them happier for the rest of the day.

Foster a Gardening Community

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Photo Credit: ProMix

Encourage your employees to garden at home or in the office! Gardening, at large, is shown to make you happier and smarter. After all, dirt is the new Prozac.

Recent research suggests that gardening increases enthusiasm for life, creates better sleep and contributes to a lower risk of diseases like osteoporosis and diabetes.

Whether your employees are weeding at the office or getting their hands dirty at home, gardening provides physical health benefits and reduces stress levels which will boost work performance!

Check Out the Garden Trends Report to Learn More About The Powerful of Houseplants!

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