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Pitching Your Garden Brand to Holiday Gift Guides

Posted by Merissa Blum on Thu, Nov 13, 2014 @ 9:11 AM

It’s that time of year again!

You have been working hard perfecting your garden product all year round. How cool would it be to end the year with your product listed in a Holiday Gift Guide?

It's possible, but the prep time is now! Do you have all the details?

Continue reading to find out all you need to know about pitching your garden brand’s product to Holiday Gift Guides! 

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From publications and social media influencers to corporate business, many outlets complete Gift Guides just in time for the holiday season.

Getting your garden brand’s product listed on one of these gift guides is a great opportunity to get your product in front of old and new customers.

A holiday gift guide can be just the push your product needs to catch the public’s attention and make them and fall in love with your garden brand.

In order to pitch for holiday gift guides there are a few things that you need to take into consideration first!


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How early should you be sending pitches and sample products?

All publications/media influencers vary on their preferences for gift guides.

When it comes to when to pitching, long lead media like magazines need information at least six months ahead of time!

With short lead media outlets such as newspaper, radio, or TV, you dont have to send so early. Your best bet for pitching would be September-October, when they begin getting all materials for the guide in order. 

However, if you have target publications in mind, the best thing to do is ask. 


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Be sure to find out if the contacts you are pitching require any type of compensation for featuring your product in their holiday gift guide.

Some contacts may:

• Suggest a sponsored post during the holidays which could also receive adequate coverage.

• Ask for your help sharing reviews via your own social media channels.

• Request a product sample.

• Participate in a giveaway program where your brand could be expected to handle fulfillment and shipping.

• Suggest paid advertising in print or online. 

• Require paid advertising for featuring and linking a product on their website.

Type of Products

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When researching who you would like to contact and where you would like your garden brand to be featured, be sure to research what types of products the outlet covers.

Some outlets may seem to be the perfect fit, with similar interests and qualities but they may only look for specific types of products to review.

Be sure that there is a fit before pitching and sending samples.

Pitch to your potential gift guide candidates and see if it is something they would be interested.

If they say yes they you already have a leg-up on the competition because hopefully they will remember your message and look forward to receiving your product!

And once you're featured don't forget to share, share, share! In addition to acting as a virtual thank you to the publication, it shows your customers how to use your products in a different way.

Happy holiday's! 

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