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Attract Traffic to Your Garden Brand in 4 Steps

Posted by Merissa Blum on Wed, Sep 10, 2014 @ 9:00 AM

Your garden brand is producing great content but for some reason it’s not catching your target audience's attention.

The messages you are sending out aren't hitting the goals you set, and now, you need to pinpoint the problem and solve it. 

Wouldn’t life be so much easier if interested prospective customers continually found you?

Continue reading to learn how to get your garden brand to capture attention and get clients to come to you.

How to Attract Traffic to Your Garden Brand

Traditional styles of advertising don’t work anymore. According to a recent study from Adobe, 68% of online readers find online advertising annoying, and those annoying ads are not trusted

Your goal in promoting your garden brand is to ultimately convert leads into customers. The most effecctive way to do that is by creating content focused on education and inspiration. 

Selling and pushing product is not the primary way to reach your target audience or drive traffic to your garden brand's site. A mere 20% of your content should focus on sales. 

So, how do you reach your target audience? 

1. Be Interesting.

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Look into what your competition is doing. What makes it work? What don't you like?

And then do something different. 

2. Know Your Target Audience.

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Get down to specifics. What do you know about these people and what makes them part of your audience?

Think about exactly who your model customer is and determine issues they are dealing with.

Then, use this model persona of your target audience to craft content that solves their problems and appeals to their interests.

3. Next, Zero In on the Issues.

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You know the questions your brand gets the most. Use that foundation, and then go to Google to build on what people want to know in relation to topics your garden brand covers.

See what questions are pertinent, and what questions haven’t been answered.

Then, be the one to answer these questions! Provide information and share helpful tips. Also be sure that the information you are posting links back to your website to continually drive traffic.

4. Other Influencers?

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Figure out who else is influencing your audience and build relationships with them!

No matter what the outlet - magazine, social media or blog - if these contacts are already influencing the audience you want to target then get in touch with them.

Share content that they post and reach out to try to build a relationship with these key influencers in the gardening industry.

If your audience hears about you from someone they already trust, they are much more likely to learn more and visit your site!

Learn More About Connecting with Key Influencers to Drive Traffic Below.

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