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The Art of Storytelling in the Garden PR Industry

Posted by Merissa Blum on Wed, Aug 6, 2014 @ 9:00 AM

The heart of a successful garden brand lies simply in the story it tells.

Today, media is ever-changing. New forms of social media constantly pop-up, and 33% of adults under 30 get their news on social networks, according to Pew Research.

But it’s not the media determining the fate of your grand brand.

The significance and power of your story is what links people to their favorite brands, and keeps them coming back.

A powerful story will always resonate, no matter what platform it’s read on.

Learn three concepts to create powerful stories that will resonate with your target audience.

1. Create Stories that Resonate

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To create a good story your garden business must keep it simple.

People want to see the real deal. They want natural content that relates to them and puts them in a good mood.

The best stories should have a variety of qualities: they should be surprising, real, emotional, even comical.

But, to tell a great story time and time again, your brand’s voice needs to be authentic, consistent, unique, and trustworthy.

Your garden brand’s audience will enjoy visiting your site time and again if they know they can trust the content being produced, and it will be there in a similar style and fashion week after week.

2. Let Others Tell Your Story

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People trust their friends and family for advice about products.

A friend’s brand recommendation stands out and resonates, especially when compared to noisy advertisements.

What can you do about this?

Let go of the reins, and let others tell your story!

Trust in your branded content, and open up the discussion to consumers. When you let fans share why they love your garden brand, your story takes on a life of its own, becomes more authentic, and consequently, will resonate with a much larger audience.

This is an opportunity for positive word-of-mouth to be shared organically with your entire audience, which will hopefully translate into new customers!

3. Tell Your Story in a New Way

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To keep your garden brand's content fresh, you need to continually connect with your audience in unique new ways.

One way to do this is the new website, Storify, which let's you tell your garden brand’s story by using others’ social media posts.

In Storify, the storyteller can use tweets, comments, videos, and other posts to create a story with a variety of voices.

Your brand and your garden public relations firm have one shared goal: to tell your story to the right audience in the right way.

And if your brand’s fans want to help tell that story, why not tell the story together?

Learn More about Garden Branding in Garden Media’s Case Study on Branding the Knock Out Rose

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