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What the Millennial Generation Wants from YOU, the Garden Industry

Posted by Merissa Blum on Wed, Jul 16, 2014 @ 9:00 AM

The relationship between your garden brand and Millennials is only just beginning.

Millennials, those 18-34, are just learning how to participate in the garden, but establishing yourself as the brand expert now can have benefits for years to come.

Gardening, however, in this generation's eyes looks differently than it has in the past. 

Continue reading to learn about exactly what Millennials want in the garden.

Gardening is In with Millennials

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Young adults, teens and kiddos are becoming more interested in learning about horticulture and what they can grow themselves.

Currently gardening in the UK is seen as hip and fashionable among young adults.

1/3 of British homeowners said that their motivation to begin growing plants and flowers was due to their blooming “love for gardening.”

Often, garden trends start across the pond and then make their way over to the US. We can't wait to see this particular garden trend continue to grow in the USA!

Gardening and Millennials

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Millennials don’t relate to the term “gardener,” according to Today's Garden Center's 10% project.

Even though many young adults in this generation are growing vegetables, herbs, or a few combination containers, they do no classify themselves as gardeners.

Gardening in the Millennial mind conjures terms such as old, dirty and difficult. They feel a fruitful garden is attributed to luck.

Millennials don’t believe they have much control over the success of a garden - yet. 

And, when it comes to purchasing, Millennials are staying away from independent garden centers.

This generation just doesn't relate to the label 'gardener' and feels like IGCs are more so for older generations or plant experts.

Even though Millennials don’t classify the activities they are involved in as “gardening,” this generation does love "growing" edibles of all shapes and sizes. What can you do at your garden center to revive the word gardener? Host DIY workshops? Capitalize on the word home or lifestyle? Try it.

18-34 Lawn and Garden Project Trends

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1/3 of Millennials are interested in growing produce, and more than 25% are interested in learning sustainable gardening methods and purchasing organic, eco-products.

Even though this generation has digital connections under wraps, that isn’t the only way they are shopping for your garden brand.

In-store garden shopping is actually more popular for men and women than online garden shopping.

Raising Green, Eco-Kids

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Photo Credit: Longfield Gardens

Millennials are the first generation to grow up in a digital world.

Imagine the children of the Millennials.

The technology surrounding the next generation will be even more immense than it is with Millennials. 

So far, Millennial parents are looking for ways to create a shared, non-digital experience, with their children.

Then, Millennials can teach their children how to be good stewards of the planet - a value that truly resonates with over a quarter of this generation.

Learn More About What Millennials Want in the Garden with Garden Media's "How To" Guide Below.

How to Market to Millennials

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