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4 Ways to Give Your Plant or Garden Marketing Brand a Face on Twitter

Posted by Susan McCoy on Fri, Aug 3, 2012 @ 4:01 PM

It's easy to give your own Twitter account a little personality just by sharing what's happening in your life, talking about what interest us or what doesn't, or posting great pix of your summer at the beach.

But how do you give a plant brand or garden product a personality? How do you make it real and likeable? Here are five tips to help your brand becomeing engaging on Twitter. Afterall, we love doing business with people we know, people we like and people we trust. That's what garden marketing public relations - and Twitter is one of the tools in our PR tool bag - is all about.

1. Put a face on the Twitter avitar with your company logo.

Suzi McCoy

Suzi McCoy


The Garden Plot is about all things 'Gardening!' You'll discover the hippest, hottest gardening news & trends - before everyone else.

Kennett Square, PA ·

At Garden Media, all of our active Twitter staff use their name and GMG with our logo on their avitar to create brand awareness and consistency.  It puts a name and a face to the brand.

2. Use a company logo for your Twitter account, but humanize it with real people




RESCUE! products offer environmentally responsible solutions to problems with pest insects such as flies, wasps, hornets, yellowjackets and stink bugs.

Spokane, WA ·

In this Twitter bio Stephanie Cates uses her photo and her name AND her job description on the @RESCUE twitter account. This is very transparent.  People would much rather follow a real person than a logo.

3. Host Twitter chats

GCTwitter GardenChat is a weekly chat with several thousand avid gardeners every Monday night.  Real Garden brands and companies host the chat and answer questions and engage in conversations with a great garden market. This is a great way to gather people in your industry together and allow them to get to know the human side of your brand. 




4. Use Twitter to Answer Questions


Delta Assist


We’re listening around the clock, 7 days a week. We try to answer all tweets but if you require a response pls visit or call 800-221-1212

I've read that if you want an answer from Delta just tweet it.  They are "listening" 24/7.  But many companies don't understand that customers aren't always calling customer service or checking out the FAQs on the companies website.  Be sure to monitor and answer customer complaints on Twitter because 70% of customer complaints on Twitter go unanswered. 

I know it's hard to answer every question but at least address the most pressing customer needs, issues and complaints. The question of one could be the question of hundreds.

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