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2013 Garden Trends- Take it to the Next Level


Over the next 12 months, we will be taking each of our 12 forces of nature, our trends, and breaking them down for you by month.  We will show you how you can use them to drive traffic to your storefront, or your website.  Whether you are a grower trying to figure out what to plant, a garden product company wanting to know what to make or a garden center wishing you knew what to buy, you need access to key consumer insights to know what your customers are thinking to prosper in 2013. 

The trends will be written about in the follobrazelberrieswing order:

  • January: Lifestyle
  • February: Wellness
  • March: Econo
  • April: Color
  • May: Natural
  • June: Air
  • July: Aqua
  • August: Ground
  • September: Light
  • October: Inner
  • November: Micro
  • December: Shared

Stay tuned for in depth over the coming year!

If you're looking for all of this information now, we've developed a more comprehensive content driven trends report.  In over 6 pages of in-depth content, we break down the 12 "forces of nature" and show you how to easily apply one a month to your garden business.  Discover innovative ideas for your business with these consumer insights.  Download the white paper today:


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