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Using Instagram in Your Garden Business

Posted by Emma Fitzpatrick on Thu, Dec 6, 2012 @ 9:00 AM

instagram for garden public relationsInstagram is now a part of the personal realm, but it should also be in the professional world. 44% of American adults have a smart phone, which means they can easily snap a vintage-chic pictures on their Android or iPhone.

Instagram is free and has its own social network—while also easily hooking up to other social media platforms. 40% of Interbrand’s top 100 brands use Instagram, but does it make sense for your business?

Instagram has over 80 million users, and even if your garden business is focused on B2B or consumers, there’s a way to integrate Instagram into your media relations plan.

Below are 4 ways to use Instagram to spice up company announcements!

New Product

After months of creation, testing, and production, a new product is finally here! A press release is soon to follow, but snap a picture of it on Instagram too! Capture the essence of the product in a memorable photo. Don’t just randomly take a picture of the product on your desk. Be wise. Create a true scene. Go outside. Be adventurous.

In essence, your picture should reflect the vibe of your product.

New Hire

Wahoo! You’ve added a new partner to your garden business. Use Instagram to broadcast your new expansion. Don’t upload their professional headshot. Instagram thrives on lax images. Showcase the new hire surrounded by their favorite things, hard at work at their customized desk, or just hanging around the office.

A new hire reflects your garden company’s culture, so take a picture that fits this image.

Upcoming Event

Posting a picture to garner hype for an upcoming event is one of my favorite parts of Instagram! Planning an event takes oodles of time, but there are many iconic images that could (and should!) easily be shared. The customized tablescape, the city it will be in, the wine you’ll be serving—each small aspect of an event echoes your garden company’s taste.

Plus, with all of these awe-inspiring images, you’ll more than likely have a few Instagram followers ask for an invitation. Who knows they could just be your next client!


Receiving an award either at a live-event or in a news article is so incredibly exciting! You and your garden team work hard and having that hard work recognized is like no other feeling. Share your hard work, and humanize your company. I’m not talking about the obligatory handshaking, award winning picture. Blah, it’s been done!

I’m talking about the CEO looking truly ecstatic backstage, or your team hugging in a true moment of bliss.

Instagram is for capturing atypical moments, so don’t just broadcast the same professional images we’ve all seen a million times before.

Humanize your brand  by sharing images that are fun, creative, and unique. 

Have fun with it!! And, learn a bit more about how to Instagram properly with our e-book below! 

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