PR Case Study: Branding The Knock Out® Rose

How did the world’s most famous rose become so popular? Learn the public relations strategy and tips used by Garden Media Group to help launch The Knock Out® Rose, now one of  the bestselling shrubs in America. 

In this case study, we show how The Conard-Pyle Company benefited from Garden Media’s branding capabilities to launch The Knock Out® Rose and build the brand on PR alone for 10 years.

Learn how to create brands with impact by using PR to take a fresh and sharpened approach to brand building.

In this case study you will learn:

  • Garden Media's strategy for launching the Knock Out® Rose to the public.
  • Total media placements and advertising value for the Knock Out® Rose Campaign.
  • Results of our branding strategy including consumer magazines, trade publications, television, internet and radio hits.

PR Practices included:

  • Brand Identity and Planning Sessions
  • Product and Company Positioning
  • Mission Statement and Business Plan Consulting
  • Integrating brand strategies at every point of public contact

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