PR Campaign Case Study:
Costa Farms® 'O2 For You®'

Powerful PR campaigns change the public’s perception “seemingly overnight”, but in reality, you have to consistently repeat key messages over and over to gain your customer's share of mind and ignite word of mouth.

Costa Farms® asked the Garden Media Group to think out of the box and create a "big idea" to make indoor plants a national staple. One idea shot to the top: O2 For You®: Houseplants With A Purpose.

In this case study you will learn from this awesome PR Campaign:

  • How you can use PR to grow your reputation and your brand.
  • How to write PR goals, objectives and strategies and the action items you need to meet them.
  • How you can keep the successful momentum rolling for years, like Garden Media is doing for O2 For You®.
  • What results you may be able to reap from print, broadcast and online.

PR campaign steps include:

  • Define Public Relations Campaign Goal
  • Define Strategy and Objectives in Achieving this Goal
  • Deterrmine Key Target Audiences & Messages
  • Implement Action Plan
  • Measure Results