Mind the Gap: Talking About Plants in a Post-COVID World

Gardening is on the tip of everyone’s tongues as unprecedented millions took to plants during the pandemic. Are you speaking the new gardener’s language?

This report analyzes millions of social media posts and articles written across the course of the pandemic. These gardening posts reveal key patterns in language and sentiment – and represent a significant shift in the way the public talked about plants before and after COVID-19.

Navigating emerging pandemic trends and topics, Mind the Gap helps readers better relate to the gardening public – and gain the trust of the new gardener.

Join us as we share:

  • Facts and figures behind the rise in post-pandemic plant posts
  • Industry implications
  • Connections with trends on the horizon

You can also find actionable insights and recommendations for your social strategy today. From short form video to must-know social media shortcuts, Mind the Gap provides key takeaways and how-tos you can use to stay current, relevant, and on-trend in the swiftly changing social media conversation.

The gap between the past and present can feel daunting – especially in unprecedented times. But by tuning into the global conversation, we see exciting growth and hear new voices that represent the garden industry’s future.

Mind the Gap Ebook