How to Win the Media's Heart:
Garden Media's Guide to Media Relations

Media relations is at the heart of all public relations efforts. With more than 25 years practicing the art of public relations, Garden Media knows what it takes to foster and maintain stellar relationships with key influencers.

Now more than ever, public relations plays an important role in introducing brands. Every brand has a story, and PR knows best how to tell your brand’s story, build its credibility and produce a strong customer love for your garden brand—all with the help of endorsements from trusted media friends. But, in order for public relations to work its magic, the foundation in media relations needs to be strong!

This GROW! e-Book on the secrets of stellar media relations is full of these tips from our pros:

  • The Nuts and Bolts of Media Relations
  • The 5 Steps to a Stellar Media Relations Plan
  • Media Relations Take-Aways for your Garden Business
  • How to Craft Your Own Media Relations Strategy

Media Relations Basics Includes:

  • Targeting Media Coverage in Print, Online, Broadcast and Social Media Outlets
  • Developing Press Kits
  • Creating & Executing Sampling Programs
  • Coordinating Media Tours
  • Setting Up Interviews
  • Organizing Press Trips
  • And a few secrets