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Interns take note: tips for getting in the door at Garden Media

Posted by Samantha Arcieri on Tue, Dec 22, 2015 @ 8:11 AM

57.jpgCongratulations! You’ve applied for an internship and have made it to the second round: the in-person interview.

Everything from your tone of voice to the questions asked played a factor in making you shine, so you want to be sure you continue to stand out from the crowd at the office. 

Candidates who are asked to meet with Garden Media at the office have one more opportunity to impress us with their talent and enthusiasm.

Continue reading for tips on how to ace an in-person interview.

Come prepared

I can’t say this enough: bring your resume, bring your resume, bring your resume. While I speak to applicants one-on-one during the phone screen, candidates who interview in person meet with our entire staff – people who haven’t had a chance to ask about your past work experiences.

Bringing your resume to an in-person interview not only shows that you’re enthusiastic, but also gives new coworkers an opportunity to get to know you and ask questions.

Candidates should also bring samples of relevant work and a portfolio if it applies.

Don’t be scared to pass copies of your resume and work samples around to the entire group before the interview begins – we are always impressed when the candidate takes the initiative to do this before they’re asked.

Practice still makes perfect

Because intern candidates meet with the entire staff at our office, you’re guaranteed to have to answer variations of the same questions over again.

Know the answer to common questions like “Tell me about yourself” and “What were your responsibilities at your last internship?”

Hint: We always ask each candidate why they should be hired over someone else. Practice your elevator speech and be able to sell why you’re the best fit for the job.

Be sure to dress professionally and don’t bring unwanted extras like food or drinks.

And always, and I mean always, ask questions.



The interview isn’t over after you leave our office. Our team values thoughtfulness, which means the post interview-follow up is extremely important.  

Candidates who stand out from the crowd always do two things: send a follow-up email thanking us for our time. They also send a hand-written note that explains why they would be a great candidate for the job.

Follow these steps and an offer email is heading straight toward your inbox.

Interviews are all about showing off your brand. Read our e-Book for tips on how to brand a product.

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