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Trending Thursday: Pinning and Public Relations

Garden Media Group, social media, Public Relations, Branding, Pinterest

“Power pinners” and bloggers were not happy with Pinterest this month after the web-based inspiration board began to ban affiliate links posted by its users.  

According to, “Basically, Pinterest is removing the ability for its most influential ‘Pinners’ to make money via outside marketing networks, including rewardStyle and Hello Society, according to an email obtained by VentureBeat.”  

Wired reported that Pinterest removed these links and redirects because they caused “irrelevant pins in feeds.”

Though the social site is making changes (that many assume will ultimately help it make money), PR professionals can still utilize pins to create a dynamic campaign.

Continue reading for more information about your brand can use Pinterest to create a successful PR campaign. 

Spring Cleaning: Social Media Edition

Garden Media Group, Social Media, Branding

Social media has the ability to bring people all over the world together to talk about specific events. Sunday’s #Oscars proved once again that outlets like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook have a huge impact on the way consumers receive news.

What better time than awards season for garden brands to plant the seeds for a future of retweets, likes, favorites and re-pins?

Continue reading for more information on how brands can promote themselves and build a personality through social media.

What Garden Brands can learn from New York Fashion Week

Garden Media Group, Jamie Brewer, Fashion Week

New York Fashion week ends today, which means the world’s most stylish influencers are packing their designer bags and looking to a new city for this season’s inspiration.

Trend spotters at Garden Media are feeling especially inspired and are gathering materials from the shows for our 2016 Garden Trends.    

Though one deals with fabric and the other deals with soil, the garden and fashion industry have a lot in common.

Continue reading for more information about what garden brands can learn from New York Fashion Week.

Why Honesty is the Best Policy When it Comes to Public Relations

brian williams, Garden Media Group, Image building

On Saturday, Feb. 7, Brian Williams, renowned NBC Nightly News anchor said, “…it has become painfully apparent to me that I am presently too much a part of the news, due to my actions.” And this distraction has led to his stepping aside from his post at the Nightly News.

The anchor has recently been accused of lying. He quickly became the focal point of news stories in homes across the country as news stations reported on these accusations and his eventual fall from grace.

In addition to his suspension from NBC, his actions have caused people everywhere to question the integrity of newscasters.

Gardening companies can take a lesson from Williams. It begins with the basics written in communications 101 handbooks across the country – honesty.

Continue reading for more information about why honesty is an integral part of the public relations industry.

Lights, Camera, Garden! - Garden Media Unveils New YouTube Series


Garden Media Group is ready for its close up. In addition to releasing our in-depth trends whitepaper, today we launch our new YouTube video series highlighting top industry trends for 2015. The Garden Trends Report for 2015, “Unearthing the Best Life,” identifies nine consumer trends that will shape the garden and outdoor living industry for the coming year. Each video in the series highlights one trend to help viewers understand why it resonates in the industry.

How Working in Public Relations is like Dating

Garden Media Group, Valentine's Day, Public Relations

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, which means thousands of people across the country will demonstrate their love and affection thought cards, candy and dinner.

While a lot of people offer different opinions about the Feb. 14 holiday, there’s one thing professionals in this industry can agree on: working in public relations is like dating.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, here is a list of reasons why we equate this industry to the dating scene. 

Continue reading for more information about why working in public relations is like dating.

Trending Thursday: How Garden Brands Can Appeal to the New Consumers

Disney Junior, Garden trends

Elena of Avalor is the newest princess slated to appear on the Disney Junior network in 2016.

While Disney fans are used to meeting a variety of new characters on a regular basis, Elena proves significant because she is the first "princess inspired by Latin cultures." 

According to Mashable, “Elena, described as a "confident and compassionate" 16-year-old, will be introduced in a 2016 episode of Sofia the First and that arc will set the stage for the launch of a solo series, Disney said.”

Elena of Avalor’s introduction also demonstrates a new top garden trend: appealing to a diverse customer base.

Garden brands need to focus on the industry’s top new consumers for 2015: Hispanics, millennials and young men. 

Continue reading for information on how brands can connect with the new consumers.

Tips for Closing Emails. Sincerely, Garden Media

Garden Media Group, Garden Brands, emails

It’s no secret that email is the most convenient form of communication when it comes to most daily tasks, but especially in public relations. PR professionals use email hourly to pitch media, coordinate interviews and talk to clients around the world.

Garden brands also use it to connect with consumers in a variety of ways.

While it is easy, instant and efficient, the tone of a message doesn’t always translate from screen to screen.

According to PR Daily, an email send off, also known as a valediction, can be just as important as the body of the message itself.

Its list of 39 ways to close an email demonstrates that valedictions can also show creativity while still remaining professional.

Garden brands that structure their emails professionally and show creativity will see higher response rates.

Continue reading for tips on how to close an email.

Trending Thursday- Tips to Make Your Garden Brand Pop

Garden Media Group, Color Pops, Garden Trends 2015

People aren’t just wearing denim anymore – they’re using it in the garden. 

The worn down hues of denim give off a comfortable and contemporary look to almost anything, including outdoor spaces.

The 2015 garden trend, Color Pops, has two faces. The first is all about standing out in the crowd and being noticed. This year, gardeners will rely on bold teal and pink to take their outdoor spaces to the next level.

The second is a more cool, vintage feel. Pastel hues and rustic textures like denim will make a statement, proving that all types of color can “pop” when paired correctly.

Having denim in your garden may seem strange, but that’s what makes it interesting to others and helps you personalize your garden space.

This 2015 garden trend not only applies to gardens. Brands that operate with a “Color Pop” strategy will gain more recognition and see a boost in sales.

Continue reading for tips on how to incorporate this 2015 trend into your garden brand’s media strategy.

What Public Relations Firms can Learn from Awards Season

handwritten note, garden media group, public relations, garden brands

Awards season is here, which means television audiences have another chance to see artists recognized for their work, admire celebrities as they walk the red carpet and most importantly, watch Tina Fey and Amy Poehler host the Golden Globes for the last time (or so they say).

These shows also allow viewers at home to participate in a classic tradition - speculating about wins. Garden Media’s favorite Golden Globes win of the evening was Gina Rodriguez - Jane the Virgin – for Best Actress in Musical or Comedy. Not only did she beat out serious competition in her category, the award shed light on the industry’s growing group of new consumers, Hispanics.

Just because televised awards shows are considered extravagant, formal events in Hollywood, doesn’t mean recognition is only reserved for the rich and famous.

Those invested in the PR industry know that “awards” come in a variety shapes and sizes, and can be filtered through a lot of different mediums.

Continue reading to learn how PR insiders recognize clients, coworkers and members of the media for their hard work.  

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