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How to Use Marketing Lessons from #EarthDay to Boost Gardening Brands

earth day costa farms

For the garden industry, this is a busy, busy time of year! From new plants emerging in garden centers to gardening makeovers, there's a lot of garden-centric competition this time of year.

So how do you make your gardening brand stand out from the crowd?

Well, it all starts with an air-tight brand personality--and stellar products, of course.

From there, part of the fun is piggybacking on eco-events (like Earth Day, Arbor Day, and International Composting) and making your own company-specific events, too.

Below, we're detailing tips for eco-events based on successful Earth Day campaigns--and dishing on how to use these tricks to your company's advantage.

Trending Thursday: 3 PR Trends Integral to Garden Business Success in 2014

garden trends 2014, garden trends garden media group, garden media group

2014 is already a 1/3 of the way over. Hard to believe isn't it? Seems like just yesterday we were talking about what gardening trends would dominate the year!

As 2014 continues, the changes and trends in the marketing and communication realm are clearly emerging--and will become increasingly important in the latter half of 2014.

What trends does your gardening business need to keep afoot of in the marketing world?

We've got the top 3 biggest trends in gardening marketing and communications below. Read on to unlock the secrets and keep your gardening business a step ahead of the rest.

5 New Ways to Craft Articles for your Garden Business That Get Read

Garden Media Group, Writing, Garden Business

In today’s fast-paced world people are busier than ever. Whether it's print or online content, readers rarely read lengthy articles.

The information your gardening business is releasing is just as important and relevant as ever. However, you're competing against more sources--and shorter attention spans.

As such, the way in which we tell stories has drastically evolved over the last several years.

Keep reading to find out how to write and format your gardening content to keep the attention of today’s consumers.

Trending Thursday: Like Bees to Honey, Use This Garden Trend To Attract Customers to Your Garden Business


Imagine your customer's perfect garden. Is it filled with bugs? If not... it should be! Without pollinators, plants are unable to reproduce, which causes your garden's life cycle to stop.

In recent years the population of pollinators has been declining, leading to a drop of availability for many foods, and a major garden trend in 2014.

As the situation for the bees and other pollinators continues to draw media attention in 2014, 'bee-neficals' will BEE a huge 2014 Garden Trend.

Read on to find out more about these bee-nefical bugs and how to use them in your garden business!  

3 Simple Tips to Improve your Gardening Business Blog

Blogging, Garden blog, Garden Media Group

It has been said time and time again: Your garden business needs a blog.

It's not just about driving traffic to your website, but a green, glorious company blog sets you apart as an authority in your field.

Plus, blogging is a great way to offer expert advice and gently remind your customers that you are the “go to place” for information and ideas, and heck, even products!

However, maintaining a garden blog is an investment of time, energy, and creativity. Fresh ideas and interesting topics that free flow in the first few weeks may be more difficult to come by on a regular basis.

Read on to discover 3 simple tips to keep your garden blog fresh and top of mind for your customer, too!

Trending Thursday: Dress Up the Yard Big Garden Trend in Spring 2014

Photo credit: UGArdener via photopin

“Dress up your yard” is slated to be a BIG garden trend in spring 2014.

As the weather warms up, homeowners want their gardens and outdoor living spaces to be a place where they can entertain guests on the weekends or relax after a hard day's work.

Flowers are no longer the only way consumers are adding pizazz to their yards. Gardeners and home stylists of all kinds are going the extra mile and dressing up their gardens in a number of creative ways this spring.

From decorative planters to creative DIY projects, people are constantly looking for the newest way to set their garden apart.

See how your garden business can take hold of the "Dress Up Your Yard" garden trend this spring below.

What News Platforms are Gardening Customers Actually Reading?

garden media group, suzi mccoy

The constant availability of the internet has made spreading news about your garden business easier than ever.

But, getting your consumers to read that news has proven to be far more difficult.

Every minute of every day gardening customers are logging on and searching for the latest gardening news, but is your green business on their watch list?

With all of the news, phone apps and social media sites, your company news can easily disappear into the market noise.

Find out what form of media your garden consumers are reading and tips to ensure your message doesn't just get published--it gets read.

Trending Thursday: How Can Your Garden Business Spot Garden Trends?

garden media group trends

Last week, you learned how to use trends in your garden business. This week, Garden Media Group will share their secrets on how to spot trends!

You don’t need to be psychic to know what is going to be the next "big thing" in the garden industry.

With these trend-spotting tips from trend experts at Garden Media Group, your garden business can always know-or even be a few steps ahead-- of upcoming consumer trends in the lawn and garden industry.  

Read on to learn how to spot trends in the garden industry!

4 Best Practice Tips for Twitter & Instagram in the Garden Industry

gardening business, garden business social media tips, gardening public relations, garden media group

Social media has become a huge part of how companies interact and engage with their customers.

Even in the gardening industry, countless businesses have found social media works when they are looking for new customers, nurturing current customers, and when they need to drive traffic and sales on their garden website.

Twitter and Instagram are both popular social platforms. Both are great ways to promote a company, product or brand, when used correctly of course.

Below are 4 best practice tips to ensure your garden business's accounts are valuable to both your shoppers and your bottom line!

Trending Thursday: How to Use Trends in Your Garden Business

1208632 10151607372882443 1400837489 n

As you already know, we at Garden Media Group love spotting the latest trends. What you may not know is why looking at these trends is important for every garden business. 

Every year Garden Media releases the Garden Trends Report to inform you about what trends to look for coming over the horizon. However, if garden businesses don’t understand how to use these trends to advance their company and grow sales, all our hard work is going to waste! 

Read on to find out why you should care about trends and how they can help your business!

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