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Trending Thursday: Prepare Your Garden Business for Fall 2014

davey tree, fall, garden media group, fall trees with fog, content marketing, creating content, new content

With autumn starting in just about a week, now is a great time to finish this quarter out strong and prepare your garden brand for the new season, too.

Play it cool - learn how to make the transition between seasons as smooth as possible.

First, analyze how your garden business did in the past few seasons in order to make fall 2014 even better.

Read on to learn 3 tips to keep your garden brand flourishing this fall.

25,000 Journalists Share Pitching Secrets for your Garden Brand

garden media group, gardening public relations, social media journalists

Knowing all you can about the journalists you are pitching is vital to your garden brand’s success.

It is also helpful when it comes to utilizing your time as efficiently as possible

Muck Rack surveyed their database of journalists to figure out what tactics are best to effectively communicate with them.

Responses from over 25,000 journalists are compiled below and detail exactly what they want to see from your garden brand, from what time to pitch to which social platforms they use most.  

Trending Thursday: Back to Content Marketing Basics

back to school, blogging basics, editorial calendar for blogging

It's back to school time, which provides the perfect time for you to evaluate your gardening business blog and look for areas to improve as well.

From generating leads to increasing your SEO ranking, running a blog benefits your business in many ways. Every blog post is a new indexed page for your website, which is a new opportunity for your business to be found by search engines. All of this content helps brand your garden company as experts in your field.  

For the full scoop, read below for a back-to-basics lessons on content marketing in the garden industry.

Attract Traffic to Your Garden Brand in 4 Steps


Your garden brand is producing great content but for some reason it’s not catching your target audience's attention.

The messages you are sending out aren't hitting the goals you set, and now, you need to pinpoint the problem and solve it. 

Wouldn’t life be so much easier if interested prospective customers continually found you?

Continue reading to learn how to get your garden brand to capture attention and get clients to come to you.

Trending Thursday: 3 Data-Driven Tips for Garden Brands on Linkedin

mouse, posting content, linkedin, garden media group, trending thursday, trends, posting content, what content to post

The numbers are growing, more and more people are using Linkedin to find professionally relevant content.

And with a new study conducted by LinkedIn, your garden business can post content that's been proven to work. They've studied thousands of LinkedIn users to discover what length, time and topics perform best.

What are the easy tips and tricks you can do to make your content stand out and get noticed?

Read on to learn the 3 keys to publishing your garden brand’s content on LinkedIn. 

3 Effective Ways to Show the Value of Gardening Public Relations


The world today is one of instant gratification. We want results, and we want them quickly. 

The web gives us access to more information than our predecessors could have ever predicted, and because we can get results quickly, we make decisions quickly too.

And that makes public relations measurement more important than ever. 

The ROI of money invested in gardening public relations should be easy to see. 

Keep reading to learn 3 effective ways of making public relations measurement visually appealing and easy to digest.

Trending Thursday: Garden Branding Through Crowdsourcing

crowdsourcing, garden industry crowdsourcing, how to crowdsource

Great brands realize that sometimes the best ideas come from outside of the office.

Social media crowdsourcing can be used as a way to find ideas, content and solutions from a large group of people who care about your product. 

The goal of digital crowdsourcing is to obtain information or services from your digitial fans. Many brands are using social media crowdsourcing to expand their product line and engage consumers

For example, are you stuck between two flower varieties to bring to market in the next year? Have your garden brand fans vote on which they like more. They'll feel value and immediately become invested in what your brand is working on. 

Read more below to learn how your brand can benefit from crowdsourcing.

What Your Garden Brand Can Learn from the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Stacey of Garden Media ASL Ice bucket

By now, you've probably heard about the ALS ice bucket challenge. 

If you haven't, don't worry. If you use any social network at all, you'll probably run into it soon.

Though the exact origins of the challenge are difficult to trace, one thing is certain - ALS awareness is skyrocketing. 

Don't just take our word for it, though. Keep reading to learn more about the movement, how its success has been measured, and marketing tips your garden brand can learn.

Trending Thursday: 4 Networking Tips for Garden Industry Trade Shows

Garden writers, GWA, connections, networking at conferences

You have a year-round strategy in place to increase your presence on social networks such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Pinterest.

And while digital is great, Facebook's influence is shrinking when it comes to audience engagement. You need to be just as thoughtful and persistent when in-person networking, too.

From the Garden Writer's Symposium to Cultivate and IGC, there are lots of trade shows, conferences and networking events to choose from in the garden industry.

Picking the right trade show instantly helps you form the right relationships with other industry leaders, reporters and consumers.  

Below are Garden Media's 4 networking tips for garden industry trade shows, conferences and events.

#Hashtag 101: The Basics of Using Hashtags in Your Garden Business

save image

Using and maximizing hashtags takes your garden business social media marketing game to the next level.

But what are hashtags, and how did they get so popular?

Though they weren't envisioned as a world changing innovation initially, they've revolutionized the way we interact.

First introduced 7 years ago on Twitter, the hashtag has made its home on nearly every social media platform and is now conquering other mediums, too - such as internet ads, marketing campaigns, television ads and even conversations.

Learn the hashtag basics, from what a hashtag is to how you can use it to boost your garden business.

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