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Tips for Closing Emails. Sincerely, Garden Media

Garden Media Group, Garden Brands, emails

It’s no secret that email is the most convenient form of communication when it comes to most daily tasks, but especially in public relations. PR professionals use email hourly to pitch media, coordinate interviews and talk to clients around the world.

Garden brands also use it to connect with consumers in a variety of ways.

While it is easy, instant and efficient, the tone of a message doesn’t always translate from screen to screen.

According to PR Daily, an email send off, also known as a valediction, can be just as important as the body of the message itself.

Its list of 39 ways to close an email demonstrates that valedictions can also show creativity while still remaining professional.

Garden brands that structure their emails professionally and show creativity will see higher response rates.

Continue reading for tips on how to close an email.

Trending Thursday- Tips to Make Your Garden Brand Pop

Garden Media Group, Color Pops, Garden Trends 2015

People aren’t just wearing denim anymore – they’re using it in the garden. 

The worn down hues of denim give off a comfortable and contemporary look to almost anything, including outdoor spaces.

The 2015 garden trend, Color Pops, has two faces. The first is all about standing out in the crowd and being noticed. This year, gardeners will rely on bold teal and pink to take their outdoor spaces to the next level.

The second is a more cool, vintage feel. Pastel hues and rustic textures like denim will make a statement, proving that all types of color can “pop” when paired correctly.

Having denim in your garden may seem strange, but that’s what makes it interesting to others and helps you personalize your garden space.

This 2015 garden trend not only applies to gardens. Brands that operate with a “Color Pop” strategy will gain more recognition and see a boost in sales.

Continue reading for tips on how to incorporate this 2015 trend into your garden brand’s media strategy.

What Public Relations Firms can Learn from Awards Season

handwritten note, garden media group, public relations, garden brands

Awards season is here, which means television audiences have another chance to see artists recognized for their work, admire celebrities as they walk the red carpet and most importantly, watch Tina Fey and Amy Poehler host the Golden Globes for the last time (or so they say).

These shows also allow viewers at home to participate in a classic tradition - speculating about wins. Garden Media’s favorite Golden Globes win of the evening was Gina Rodriguez - Jane the Virgin – for Best Actress in Musical or Comedy. Not only did she beat out serious competition in her category, the award shed light on the industry’s growing group of new consumers, Hispanics.

Just because televised awards shows are considered extravagant, formal events in Hollywood, doesn’t mean recognition is only reserved for the rich and famous.

Those invested in the PR industry know that “awards” come in a variety shapes and sizes, and can be filtered through a lot of different mediums.

Continue reading to learn how PR insiders recognize clients, coworkers and members of the media for their hard work.  

Trending Thursday: Healthy Living and Your Garden Brand

cut dahlias, longfield gardens, healthy-lifestyle, trends, trending thursday, garden media group

Healthy lifestyle: the new craze.

Not only are consumers interested in healthy consumption, but the 2015 Garden Trends Report says they are becoming more conscious about the wellness aspects of their activities and purchases as well.

Consumers want to engage with brands that help to support their goal of achieving a healthy lifestyle and all around well-being.

Read on to learn about how your garden brand can market a healthy-lifestyle. 

‘Taylor Swift’ your Garden Brand in 2015

Taylor Swift, Garden Media Group, Garden PR

Cat lover. New York City enthusiast. Reigning millennial pop queen. Public relations genius.

Taylor Swift is everywhere.  And if 2014 was any indication, she isn’t going anywhere for a long time, whether you like it or not.

Swift’s latest album, 1989, dropped Oct. 27, 2014. It sold 1.2 million copies in its first week and remains on the top of iTunes charts.

Additionally, Swift has 48.6 million followers on Twitter, 16.5 million fans on Instagram and has mastered Tumblr since joining in September.

She didn’t fall into this new-and-improved image entirely by chance. Garden brands that take a page from her PR book will ultimately see an increase in sales and brand ambassadors. 

Continue reading to learn how your garden brand can “Taylor Swift” in 2015. 

Why PR and Content Marketing Should Be Planted in the Same Pot

thinking at the computer, where to start, garden media group, re-purposing content, public relations, content marketing

Repurposing is a piece of content marketing that can be extremely beneficial to your garden brand.

In the past, public relations and content marketing were two separate entities.

Today, these two focuses rely on one another.

Read on to learn how important repurposing content can be to your garden brand.

Trending Thursday: Three Content Marketing Trends for 2015

real-time marketing, keeping up with trends and current events, 2015 marketing trends, marketing, garden media group, people with cell phones

Content marketing, a way to reach an increasingly wary audience, shows no signs of slowing down in 2015. Rather than using traditional methods of outbound marketing, businesses are finding that content marketing attracts customers and builds real trust between brands and people.

Wondering what types of content marketing your brand should be engaging in for 2015?

Look no further! We have compiled a list of the top marketing trends that your garden brand should start using now.

Continue reading to learn about three trends that are key to your garden business’s success.

How Email Savvy Garden Brands Succeed

email, garden media group

There are a lot of busy bees working in the garden business world during the day.

Communication is always key and with technology advancing, emails are becoming more popular than picking up a phone and calling someone.

Continue reading for quick tips to help your garden brand get in touch with someone efficiently and without being overwhelming.

Trending Thursday: Influential Customers of Your Garden Brand

garden media group, anniversary party, brand advocates, influential customers, sharing with personal network, referral marketing

You are creating awesome marketing and public relations campaigns, but are they resonating with your audience as much as they could be?

This depends, have you been utilizing your connected consumers in each of these campaigns?

Did you know: “The average customer has a reach of 42 people for each positive experience or engagement with your company online."

"That means if you have 200 customers who are brand advocates, you have a potential reach of 8,400!” – Social Media Today

Social Media Today’s “The Power of the Influential Customer” infographic discusses the what, who, and how on influencing customers.

Continue reading to learn how to leverage your influential customers with easy referral marketing tips.

Three Things a Garden PR Firm Should Ask Before Taking on a Client

Garden Media Group, Clients, Branding

Garden industry insiders should never be at a loss for ideas.

People always seem to be starting new companies, creating new lawn and landscape products, and even producing different publications.

When these businesses start, they ultimately look to public relations professionals to help spread the world about their new brand.

A recent PR Daily article titled “8 questions startups should ask before hiring a PR firm” highlights what new companies should look for when hiring outside help to promote their product or image.

One key point the article doesn’t mention is that it works both ways.

Not only do startups have to carefully interview the companies they want to promote their brand, public relations firms also need to choose their clients wisely. Ultimately, a client list contributes to any PR firm’s overall image.

Continue reading to learn more about how your garden PR firm should pick clients. 

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