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Trending Thursday: Use Composting Garden Trend in Garden Business

Posted by Emma Fitzpatrick on Thu, Jan 30, 2014 @ 9:00 AM

garden trends 2014, garden trends garden media, the green cyclerOne of the 2014 Garden Trends is "Ground Up."

We predict composting will continue to grow in 2014 with more and more municipalities around the country mandating residential composting.

Presently, 25% of US households compost, which means 1.2 million tons of food goes into a landfill each year. A whopping 97% of food scraps are tossed each year.

As gardeners, you know that food scraps can be turned into black gold for your garden since compost is packed with nutrients for your garden. Plus, a healthy garden starts from the ground up.

Throughout 2014, composting will continue to grow as a major garden trend. Take hold of this trend to increase sales for your garden business by implementing the following marketing tips below.

Compost in your Garden Business

2491999051_e9d436e10cPhoto Credit: Canadian Veggie via Compfight cc

If you aren't already composting at your garden business, this is the time to start.

Employees and patrons can join in the fun when appropriate, and it's an easy system to implement.

Once your composting program is up and running, add a blurb about composting to your website, blog about it, and share the love on Facebook.

If you're feeling ambitious, write and pitch a press release out to spread the word about how your garden business is taking hold of this garden trend.

Educate Consumers about How to Compost


Image Courtesy of The Green Cycler

One of the biggest fears about composting is that it's difficult and smelly.

If your garden business deals with soil or planting at all, have a compost Q & A on your website or blog. Share the love and teach consumers about how easy-- and powerful-- composting truly is.

When talking about composting, present it in the easiest way possible and offer tools to help make the job easier.

The Green Cycler by Ecotonix expedites the composting process by 1,000%. Now that number will inspire people to action!

Make your Packaging Compostable

Photo Credit: Noisy Decent Graphics

If you sell a garden product, make your packaging compostable--and market and label it as such.

This year composting will be a buzz word and transforming your packaging to match this trend could be an instant selling point for consumers.

Host a Composting Workshop

Photo Credit: The Living Coast

Again, if your garden business involves planting, host a composting workshop to share the love. This works great in-person if you're a garden center, but if you're an online site, host a Google+ Hangout to detail how to compost and answer any questions your users have.

Talking about composting will put you ahead of the competition this season. And, if you're using this or any other garden trends to promote your business, let us know. You could win a coveted slot on our new 'Talking Trends' Google+ Hangout! 

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