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How to Get Committed Customers and Faithful Fans

Posted by Meg McGrory on Mon, Dec 9, 2013 @ 9:00 AM

You know the importance of consistently drawing in new customers, but it’s equally important to turn those one time shoppers into loyal customers who love your brand!

Though not every customer will remain loyal to your brand, there are a few ways to increase your chances.  Two of the major reasons that customers leave a brand are:

  • Feeling that the brand is indifferent towards them

  • A poor customer service experience

Loyal customers are a free and effective form of marketing, so don't miss out! 

Follow the tips below to make sure your garden business doesn’t get left behind.

Customer Service

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Our high tech world has created multiple channels for businesses to implement customer service.  Through Facebook comments, tweets, emails or a simple phone call, your garden customers are able to get in touch with you to make requests, complaints, and suggestions. 

Make sure that your employees handling each of these areas are trained in the same fashion and are able to handle anything that may come their way--regardless of the channel.  

Appreciate Them

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Offering exclusive discounts and incentives for long term customers is an easy way to show that you appreciate them.

Birthday discounts, a surprise gift card after a large order, a point system, or a punch card are all ways to make sure that your customers know you care. 

Remember, loyalty works both ways.

Go Shopping

Go shoppingPhoto Credit: Caden Crawford via Compfight cc

What do you love that another business has done for you?  Take that inspiration, and tweak it for your garden business!

Go shopping, browse other websites, and take notes.  What works, what doesn’t?  Compare these insights to your own brand and see what new tricks your garden business could implement.

Chances are if something particular stood out to you, it stands out to others as well.

Consistency is Key

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Under-promise and over-deliver.  If you want satisfied customers then deliver on your promises every single time. And, if you want thrilled customers, surprise and delight them by over-delivering. 

For example, allow 3-5 days for a package that will take at most 2 days.  When the package arrives early your customer will be ecstatic. 

Build a budget that helps over-deliver, and you’ll leave your customers wanting more, both now and in years to come!

Thank Your Customers

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If you want to let your customers know you care, simply thank them for their business.  Train every employee to thank every customer, every time. 

Transactions made online should have an automatic thank you.  Feel free to attach to the receipt or email immediately after the payment is made.

If time permits, personalized thank you notes are best.  Include one in the shipment from an online purchase or if you are familiar with your clients and customers send one in the mail.

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