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The Importance of Caring for Yourself

Posted by Emma Fitzpatrick on Thu, May 16, 2013 @ 9:00 AM

With the amount of time we spend thinking about all things gardening and marketing, it's easy to forget one of the most integral aspects of success in a business: you.

As the leader of a successful business, I relax, self-care, leadership theory, garden industry, smell the flowers, garden media groupknow you take work home with you -especially during the busiest season of the year.

For gardeners, early spring is the time when flowers, seeds, soils, and chic containers are flying off the shelf.

Well, we think it's time to take a brief mental break from sales increases.

In order for your garden business to be successful, you need to learn the importance of self-care.

With Great Power, Comes Great Pain?

If you are reading this, you are most likely a leader and innovator in the garden industry! Congrats!

However, visionaries in leadership positions have proven to have more problems than the average employee. The more authority you have, the more physical and mental health problems you'll have too.  

stress curve chartLet me guess, you feel like you're carrying the success of your garden business on your shoulders at all times? Did you know that this weight can cause an increase in headaches, backaches, psychological anxiety, and distress?

Some stress, however, is in fact a good thing; it has the power to motivate us and push us to be even more productive. Check out the chart to see if your stress level is helping or hurting you.

Regardless, even minimal stress can cause all of the above health problems. Being an effective, inspiring leader means you have to know how to handle these health problems with poise.

To stay on top in the garden industry, you have to learn that one of the most integral, aspects of leadership theory is self-care.

Relieving Stress the Smart Way

Relaxing and de-stressing is often the first thing we cut when we get busy, but this busy time of year is truly when it's needed the most.

Ensure you don't burn out by indulging in a few relaxing activities. The key to fully assuaging your stress is to engage each of the five senses.

Pick a day a week during your busy season where you do not work at all.  Is this too much?  Then try taking a twenty minute break from work during every work day. It will be hard and tempting to continue hammering through your work, but, this break will make you healthier and more productive!

entering stress free zone1Visual

  • Surround yourself with inspiration 

  • Allow yourself ten golden minutes to day dream

  • Watch your favorite movie

  • Paint or take photographs

music for destress relaxation audio cd icf073Auditory

  • Sit in the sunshine and soak up the sounds of spring

  • Play a relaxing c.d. while you work

  • Listen to a motivating speech before a big day

yoga self care leadership


  • Exercise (Run, Do Yoga, Swim, Your Favorite Way to Get Up and Moving!)

  • Bake

  • De-stress by petting a pup or cat


laugh destress self care leadershipVerbal

  • Laugh a belly laugh for five minutes

  • Catch up with an old friend

  • Repeat positive affirmations


  • Enjoy the smells of spring by taking a long walk

  • Partake in aromatherapy

  • Splurge on a cup of tea or coffee

These are small changes you can make to better mental health! By relaxing for at least twenty minutes a day, or taking one full day of a week off of work, your performance will improve tenfold.

Remember, knowing when to take care of yourself proves you know how to lead. So go ahead take it easy for a bit! Your garden business will be better for it!

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A special thanks to The Little Love Birds for the visual reminder to relax when we're busiest!

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